WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW (if by "the world" you mean me): "The creator of one of the world's most famous guns, the AK-47 assault rifle, launched another weapon in Britain Monday -- Kalashnikov vodka."Lieutenant General Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented the AK-47 after being shot by German soldiers during World War II, said he wanted to continue 'the good name' of his gun."...'So we decided to create a vodka under my name.'"via E-Pression. … [Read more...]


FICTION-NESS: Novelist Krubner asks, "When you mention your fiction on your weblog you often introduce it by saying that it is still a little rough. I'm curious if you go back and edit your fiction, and if so, are the edited versions published somewhere else, or do you keep them offline (perhaps for copyright reasons)? I've enjoyed reading the somewhat early drafts of your fiction, though I'm wondering when we'll get to see what you yourself consider a finely polished and well-edited version of … [Read more...]


ECSTASY AND IRONY, SIDE BY SIDE ON MY PIANO KEYS...: Excellent point from Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed Catholic. Wish I'd written this:"...The 'ironic' religious impulse in works like these, by people like these, often hides a genuine thirst for God. You should read some of my early poems and short stories. Today I'm a Contributing Editor for the Catholic Register whose been interviewed by Vatican Radio."So by all means express your feelings about this guy's art. But do consider stepping back … [Read more...]


JIM HENLEY IS BACK from hiatus. You should be reading him. Fearless antiwar libertarian commentary, and maybe later some comics.That is all. … [Read more...]


HE ASKS, HE TELLS: (Sorry, Kaus.) A good friend, and gin-u-wine war hero, will be in town Tuesday speaking on perhaps the one contemporary Gay Issue where we actually agree: the military's unrealistic (maybe if we clap our hands real loud, all the fairies will disappear!) and damaging policy. Here's the information (I love how a dashing rescuer is only a slightly bigger draw than free pizza...):CSSMM LUNCHEON BRIEFING: "GAYS AND LESBIANS AT WAR: Military Service in Iraq and Afghanistan Under … [Read more...]


"I COUNT ONLY SUNNY HOURS": TOUCH AND GO. The last section of the psychics story. This took a lot longer than I expected, and I'm not sure it was worth it. Last week I was completely convinced this story was a waste of time--something done better by others--but now I think it might actually be really good, and doing what I want it to do, and doing its thing better than others have done it. (I don't mind doing something that's been done before as long as my version is better. If you follow any … [Read more...]


LOCKED UP TOO TIGHT: From the Washington Post. Excerpt: Guards moved young inmates around the prison on a leash. To control youths who disobeyed orders, guards would sometimes don riot gear and use "pepper spray" -- tear gas mixed with cayenne pepper. At other times, groups of guards surrounded young inmates and handcuffed them by their wrists and ankles to the four corners of their beds. Young prisoners were held in isolation cells for weeks at a time. This mistreatment went on for more than a … [Read more...]