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"LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENT": SAY GOODBYE TO ALL THIS. The dystopia story is finished. Probably you all have seen my warning by now: This story is distressing in about six different ways. I think it's worth writing, but I do realize in a healthier age it would probably have ended up on the Index. (Then again, in a healthier age I doubt it would have been written at all.) So: the final section is here, and the story as a whole is here. There are lingering problems with this story--problems … [Read more...]

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NOT DEAD AT ALL: Disability activist Harriet McBryde Johnson on Terri Schiavo.Also, "Florida's House and Senate are considering a dehydration and starvation protection act that would require stronger evidence of informed consent prior to removing assisted food and fluids from an incapacitated patient." (more)[ETA:] Some powerful posts at Kesher Talk. … [Read more...]

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