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SUDAN: GENOCIDE, TERRORISM, AND AMERICA'S NATIONAL INTEREST: Transcript of American Enterprise Institute forum with William Kristol of the Weekly Standard; John Prendergast of the International Crisis Group; Ronald Sandee, Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands; Thomas Donnelly of AEI, and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va). Haven't read yet but plan to. Via Mark Shea. … [Read more...]


We all feel blogwatch in the dark...Dave Tepper writes about Gov. McGreevey and same-sex marriage. I think Dave's way of connecting the two is wrong, and there are major reasons for even a supporter of SSM to avoid this interpretation of events. Chris Crain and Jonathan Rauch roughly agree with Dave; E.J. Graff, Josh Chafetz of Oxblog, Sed Contra, and I (here) roughly disagree, from quite different political positions.Sed Contra on a startlingly sound piece from the Washington Post on … [Read more...]


"I couldn't leave America."America is the only place where I make any sense." --Peter Milligan, Human Target: Strike Zones … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": COMPLICATED SHADOWS. Next segment of the Norse myths story. In which Sigyn has her first two children and Michael begins a major project. Here for story so far, here for most recent segment.But iron and steel will bend and break... … [Read more...]


"I know the blood is fake, the corpses get up and go home to their families. But that doesn't make it not real." --Peter Milligan, Human Target: Strike Zones. I did mention I visited the comics shop, right?Right? … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": OTHER WICKED LITTLE THINGS. The next section of the Norse myths story. In which Sigyn and Loki begin a marriage fit for gods and monsters. A few things to note: 1) I went through and messed with the earlier segments of the story, changing some bits of prose I hated and dropping a tiny hint or two about something I just figured out about the scene at the Bitter End.2) This new section, which includes Sigyn's wedding night, got significantly more frank than I expected. I guess … [Read more...]