AND MEANWHILE, SHE IS BEING DENIED FOOD AND WATER: Amy Welborn is an excellent source for eloquent statements of the pro-life/Catholic viewpoint on Terri Schiavo; Welborn also covered the Congressional debate.CodeBlueBlog: Medical blog disputes common interpretation of Schiavo CT scan. Discussed here and here.The Corner is having a kind of John Derbyshire vs. the world discussion--most of the arguments you'll hear are being discussed there.KausFiles.The editors of National Review.Noli Irritare … [Read more...]

You come here looking for the ride to glory,Head back home with a blogwatch story...After Abortion: "The world feels much less safe if it seems to be a world where we chronically notice and repeat bad things about each other. An unsafe harshly critical world is not a good world to be pregnant in."Hit & Run: Internship at Reason.R. James Woolsey recommends spy novels. Via The Corner. … [Read more...]

"LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENT": COUNSELING AND COMPROMISE. Next scene of short story. In which Irina breaks the rules for Leon, Alison breaks the rules for Irina, and we see both women doing their jobs. The basic idea, at this point: We're watching three people who are embedded in a deeply evil system, like ticks buried in flesh. We get right inside their heads, at least if I'm doing this right. Therefore, this story is very disturbing. The second scene is the one it's easiest to slap an … [Read more...]

SERIES ON PRO-LIFE WOMEN WHO ABORT: At After Abortion. Powerful. "I'm writing this series because of the mistaken belief that if you teach your children that abortion is very wrong, your children will therefore not have abortions, even if they agree with you that abortion is very wrong." … [Read more...]

RISING STARS OF MANGA: TokyoPop is running a "readers' choice" poll with lots of new manga artists. Frequent commenter Joshua Elder has an entry, "Mail-Order Ninja," here. I don't have time to read any of these today, but you might; today is the deadline for picking your favorites. Definitely do check out Joshua's piece! … [Read more...]

BOOK REC: Steve Sparrow writes:Couldn't agree more with you vis a vis fighting materialism with socialism. I reckon it's a crying shame high schools all over the world don't study these two novels back to back, viz. Orwell's Animal Farm and Hilaire Belloc's The Mercy of Allah. Orwell dissing Socialism and Belloc unbridled Capitalism. Most read Orwell but few Belloc. Mercy of A is brilliant fantasy/satire on money. I highly recommend it. … [Read more...]

Some boys blog and some boys watch,And that's all right with me.If they can't raise my interest then I'll have to let them be...Home, Throne, Altar: Three kids & the making of a conservative. Powerful and right-on. A lot of this resonates with my experience at the pregnancy center. The only thing I'd add would be stories of parents trying hard to do right by their kids in the teeth of a culture that constantly rejects and thwarts them. ...HTA link via Hugo Schwyzer, who comments here. (For … [Read more...]