"GETTING FIRED": THE BULLDOG AND THE HYENA. What I expect to be the second-to-last installment of the current short story. You can read the story so far starting here, or just get the new installment here.I am very, very, very, very, very interested in receiving comments on the story, especially critical ones. A few things about this particular segment: I already know the blocking is atrocious. When I revise it I'll have to go through and carefully plot out where everyone is standing and how … [Read more...]


BABY, LET'S TWIST AGAIN, LIKE WE DID LAST SUMMER: My post ("Playground Twist") on how societal response to homosexuality shapes our identities got a lot of really illuminating, personal, intense responses. I'd really like to thank everyone who wrote to me, and apologize for not replying sooner. I didn't write back to people in anything remotely resembling a timely fashion. But I really, really appreciated every email I got.Here's a selection from the emails I received.Anonyreader #1: … [Read more...]


With her smile painted on his mouth He walked out of the town called Blog Watching...Catholic Ragemonkey: Blogrolling these priests. Lovely post on the Annunciation: "For today's homily at Mass, I reflected upon the seeming incongruity between the season of Lent and the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Lent stirs up thoughts of penance and sacrifice and struggle. The Annunciation is a moment of exquisite joy because the long-awaited redemption of Israel is announced, is under way. It looks badly … [Read more...]


"Agil qual leopardo ti avvinghiasti all'amante; in quell'instante t'ho giurata mia!" --Tosca … [Read more...]


FORTY-THREE MOVIES: Inspired by Motime Like the Present, I'd initially planned to post a list of my 50 favorite movies, with brief annotations. But I got weird about it (you're shocked, I know) so there are only forty-three. Here are the rules:a) "Five-Star Final" is the lowest-ranked movie on the list. That's why there are only forty-three. I decided I wanted a hard lower boundary, and picked 5SF.b) I went by gut reaction. So for many good movies that didn't make the cut, I'd just ask … [Read more...]


I'M BEING LEANED ON! By my own influences.I was thinking over some of the imagery in "Getting Fired"--especially some of the imagery I came to more through intuition than through planning. Before I started drafting the piece, I sat down and wrote out about two pages of free association, just listing images that fit with two of the themes of the story. For example, the "This. Is. His. Face" girls were in one of those lists. The fly in the first scene, too, and the homeless guy. In general, I do … [Read more...]


I'M MEETING PEOPLE, NICE PEOPLE TOO... Have been radically antisocial (even for me), turtling in my apartment glowering out at the world. But I did manage to meet Neilalien last week (another reader of both comics and Nietzsche... hmm...), and yesterday I met Sara "Diotima" Butler. Awesome, long conversation in the Dupont Circle sunshine. I may have to rethink the lurk-based approach to human interaction. … [Read more...]