We're the poison in the human machine; We're the blogwatch--your blogwatch!...   Matt Welch and Tim Blair at the DNC. You totally don't need to know more.Willow Green: Questions, reflections, possibly changing one's mind on abortion. She's asking for comments from readers, especially those that spring from personal experience. Via Noli Irritare Leones."Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Donnie Darko": The director's cut is being released. Haven't read yet, but looking forward to … [Read more...]


"For with thee is the well of life: and in thy light shall we see light." --Psalms 36:9And not without thy light, I find. … [Read more...]


"BETTER AT IT": THE HUMAN CONDITION. Part two of the story with the aliens. Veers briefly into explicit territory, so you know. ...The major issue here is that I don't tell you who's speaking. Yell at me about that if you think it sucks. Also, there's no plot, but that almost certainly isn't going to change. Also-also, please feel free to yowl about anything else you like or (especially) dislike about the story so far. I post these rough drafts mostly to make myself write, but also … [Read more...]


"It seemed to me that, seeing in them [=the 'cursings' in the Psalms] hatred undisguised, I saw also the natural result of injuring a human being. The word natural is here important. This result can be obliterated by grace, suppressed by prudence or social convention, and (which is dangerous) wholly disguised by self-deception. But just as the natural result of throwing a lighted match into a pile of shavings is to produce a fire--though damp or the intervention of some more sensible person may … [Read more...]


"BETTER AT IT": THE HUMAN STAIN. Part one of the story with the aliens. This is going to be very short: three sections, all as short as this first one. If you are expecting a plot, I strongly suggest you revise your expectations. There's a paragraph or two in this section where the prose gets soggy, and I'm not sure if that's a usable effect or just bad writing. Your comments and (esp.) criticisms are, as always, most welcome. There are many things about this story that I like, and it … [Read more...]


BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RIDICULOUS?: Nice reply from Andi at Ditch the Raft in re suffering, Buddhism, sublimation, and selfishness. Should possibly clarify our points of agreement and disagreement. Hard to tell though, since the same terms are often used so differently by Buddhists as vs. Catholics. (I, lamely, lack both the time and the wakefulness needed to carve out a real reply.) Also, Noli Irritare Leones has a post that may clarify what I was trying to get at with citing Frederica … [Read more...]


"The grasshopper also has a lesson to teach to man. All the summer through it sings, until its belly bursts, and death claims it. Though it knows the fate that awaits it, yet it sings on. So man should do his duty toward God, no matter what the consequences." --Louis Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews, vol. 1: From the Creation to Jacob. I really like this twist on the "ant and the grasshopper" fable. … [Read more...]