GRAND LIST OF SCIENCE FICTION CLICHES. Ouch. I may or may not be guilty of the following (almost exclusively from my upcoming short story, "Better At It"):The rag-tag rebel army/fleet struggles valiantly to overthrow the Evil Empire. Death from old age turns out to be due to some simple, single cause, leading to an easy immortality treatment, with consequent catastrophic social implications. Aliens with completely incomprehensible motivations make war on the human race/invade earth. Aliens … [Read more...]

From time's beginning, You were love's abode.My love encamped wherever it was You tented.[it kills me to clip this--go look it up!! I don't have rights to the translation]--Judah Halevi … [Read more...]

COMMUNION-FOR-ABORTION-SUPPORTERS-NEWS-STORY-CLICHES DRINKING GAME: Very funny. Be sure to check the comments too. … [Read more...]

For here I am sitting in a blogwatch, Far above the world...I've been under the weather the past couple of days, hence light posting. Basically recovered now. Mood: growly. Definitely #17.Cacciaguida on same-sex friendships, and also opera.El Camino Real replies to my reply to his reply to me. I will get growlier if I respond, and I think we may have reached the limits of our shared premises anyway, so I'll just give you the link.Old Oligarch: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder... … [Read more...]

you and i have unfinished business: Disturbing search requests, from Peiratikos. Hilarity.Current mood: still #7 with a hint of #16. … [Read more...]

BEHIND THE CRICKET PAVILION AND THE BICYCLE SHEDS: I'd like to thank everyone who has offered commentary (whether critical, complimentary, or both) on my "Not Exactly Natural" post below. Here I will ramble through my thoughts on the various replies. This post will be both unusually theoretical and extraordinarily disorganized, because a) I don't have time to organize it and b) I'm still trying to figure out what I think of all this. So, forewarned is half an octopus. Let's go.RASHOMONOLOGUE. … [Read more...]

YESTERDAY: #14. AN HOUR AGO: #17. NOW: #7. A little bit of this and a little touch of that.1) Cacciaguida has an "opera for klutzes" post here.2) I saw my first living "al-ciQaedas" yesterday. They really don't swarm much downtown--thank goodness.3) For the three people actually reading "Kissable Pictures," I should note that a) I'm definitely changing the order of the scenes to track chronological order instead of jumping around in time, and b) the most recent scene I posted should really … [Read more...]