HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BLOG: Yale's Finest Publication ("Above the Law... Beyond Good and Evil... And Somewhere to the Right of Attila the Hun") has a pretty groovy interview with Patrick Belton of Oxblog. I encourage you all to go read it. Then go give the YFP money for booze!--I mean, for Indian food. Yes. Right.Anyway! I had a couple comments--about theology, and the tabloid press. (Note that this post also wins the "Desperate...But Not Sirius" award for Least Justifiable Harry Potter … [Read more...]


THREE MORE IRAQ LINKS: US Mistakes in Iraq, what you'd expect it to be, from the guy who writes Glimpse of Iraq and Iraqi Letter to America; the same guy also has a program for Rapid Democracy in Iraq, which I've only just started reading. (Here it is in Arabic.)And the latest Arthur Chrenkoff "Good News from Iraq" roundup: political development, modernizing the banking system, new trains, faster mail, hospitals and prosthetic limbs, and more. But this story on Iraqi military trainees struck … [Read more...]


READING AROUND THE IRAQI BLOGOSPHERE: Many new faces. (I'm looking for blogs by Iraqis in Iraq now, written in English.) ...The upshot is, this will be the last time I try a comprehensive read-through of the Iraqi blogosphere! That's really exciting: There are just way too many Iraqi blogs for me to keep up with. I'll be reorganizing the blogroll over there to reflect the ones I expect to read fairly often. I think the Iraq Blog Count is now up to 73. If anyone can think of something especially … [Read more...]


ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO REMIND YOU about Forum 18, a news service dedicated to reporting on threats to religious freedom around the world. … [Read more...]


HANG UP THE BLOG HABIT, HANG IT UP DADDY: Blah! Two of my favorite comics bloggers, Grotesque Anatomy and Sean Collins, are vamoosing. Already missed, guys.... … [Read more...]


"I COUNT ONLY SUNNY HOURS": A BOY IN THE WAVES. Uh, dueling psychics at Venice Beach. Unfortunately, not as funny as it sounds. Plot device cheerfully stolen from half a dozen pseudo-sci-fi books and TV shows; I first encountered it in Stephen King's Dead Zone, the first third of which is top-notch King with the successive thirds deteriorating apace. Anyway, this is really short and will have a point by the end. I expect to have it done by Monday. As always, your comments and criticism are … [Read more...]


TRAUMA AND SHAME: Powerful post at After Abortion--excerpts from Aphrodite Matsakis's Trust After Trauma: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors and Those Who Love Them. Quotes from the book: "A first and deepest level of shame originates when you are abused or ordered about, even if you have no choice but to accept it. This is the shame of being denigrated. The resulting humiliation is so deep that it requires a great deal of therapy to alleviate it. Not only sexual assault survivors, but … [Read more...]