"I joined the A.C.L.U. and became a liberal. Then a drunk. Sober, I could not bear to look at Belle Isle and the great oaks; they seemed so sad and used up and self-canceling. Five good drinks and they seemed themselves." --Lancelot … [Read more...]


MOTHRA AND MORE: So the giant moth (and thanks very much for the suggestions as to its nature; I especially appreciated the reader who warned me that it was likely an alien scout) was not dead. After spending about a day at rest in the corner of the room, it eventually roused itself and staggered to the window, then shambled out into the night.My conclusion is that I am running a drunk tank for moths. Is anyone really surprised?In other updateliness, I did in fact watch "Dark Harbor" again. … [Read more...]


I want a monster to be my playmate; We'd soon become good friends, because Although they're hairy And sometimes scary They watch such soft and furry blogs...Family Scholars: Not the point of this post, but I was amused by the phrase "people of divorce." Maybe just a slip of the tongue? But hey, everything's an identity if you want it to be, I guess.Sed Contra: See (and hear) David "Beyond Gay" Morrison speak!The Volokh Conspiracy: Why is there no shopping around U Chicago? Blame zoning … [Read more...]


"I forgot to tell you another thing that happened in the parlor, a small but perhaps significant thing. As I stepped into the parlor with its smell of lemon wax and damp horsehair, I stopped and shut my eyes a moment to get used to the darkness. Then as I crossed the room to the sliding doors, something moved in the corner of my eye. It was a man at the far end of the room. He was watching me. He did not look familiar. There was something wary and poised about the way he stood, shoulders angled, … [Read more...]


GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: This NYTMagazine piece on graphic novels is fine--nothing desperately new, silly ending, but certainly not a bad piece--but mostly worth reading for the bits where Alan Moore says stuff.I also noticed a parenthetical, in re Adrian Tomine: "(He became an English major at the University of California, Berkeley, because the art department had no use for representation, let alone comics.)" That anti-representational shtik is something the awesome Carla Speed McNeil talked about … [Read more...]


LUNA MOTH: Last night, as I was on the phone with Ratty, a startlingly large moth flew into my apartment. I mean, this critter was significantly bigger than any moth I'd previously seen live and in person. It is possibly the size of my hand. (I haven't checked.) Point is, after flying around my place for a while--while I wondered if it might really be a very small bird, rather than a very large moth, that's how big it is--it settled in a corner and seems now to have either died or (less likely, … [Read more...]


"YOU WILL BE PULLED BACK": IN A SEASON OF CALM WEATHER. The first section of the Ray Bradbury pastiche. There are only three segments of this particular insect, and they're all short.Looking down on empty streets, all she can see Are the dreams made solid, Are the dreams made real. All of the buildings, and all of the cars, Were once just a dream in somebody's head.And he had the idea to fly... … [Read more...]