"RAISING KEVION": Intermittently sweet, harsh, true-to-life piece from the NYT Magazine's welfare beat reporter. Must-read; if I've heard this story once I've heard it a hundred times. Via Family Scholars.Excerpts: "Nearly a decade has passed since the country 'ended welfare' with a landmark bill imposing time limits and work requirements, and low-skilled women like Jewell have entered the work force in record numbers. But low-skilled men have not. And low-skilled black men, the sea in which … [Read more...]


"The warm tropical sun caressed the golden Bermuda sand where Kimberly lay slathered in cocoa butter, welcoming its embrace and wallowing in the reverie while pounds of care melted away from the thighs of her psyche." --Bride of Dark and Stormy; and also how my Sunday went, yay. … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": THOSE ENDLESS DAYS. Next section of the Norse myths story. Again, not much Michael, and much assumed knowledge of the mythos on the part of my readers. You have been warned. You'll get more Michael in the next section.Here for story so far, here for most recent section. (Note that the most recent section has slipped off the front page. It's the August 1 entry now.) This story will be complete by Monday; there are two more sections.Thank you for the days Those endless days … [Read more...]


LAW AND WHAT HE'S BEEN THINKING: Hey look, my father is guest-starring at Professor Jack Balkin's blog! Go, read! … [Read more...]


IRAQI PRO-DEMOCRACY PARTY: These are the Iraq the Model guys. Via Oxblog, because I've been totally remiss in my Iraqi blogwatching duties. Will make the rounds sometime this weekend. … [Read more...]


AWWWW, ISN'T THAT CUTE? "The authors of this book are dedicated to the Enlightenment principles of rational discourse,the application of logic,and the scientific method. The data and arguments we present follow these principles. As for politics, we are committed to the separation of church and state,the rule of law, and a political culture of civility and tolerance,all of which are necessary for a healthy democracy." (link)But you know, professing one's allegiance to or defiance of the chaste … [Read more...]


THE FIRST LINE: Magazine of short stories, all starting with the same first line. Neat idea. The current line is, "The inside was dark." … [Read more...]