POETRY WEDNESDAY: Oh, why not this, from the Swan of Avon: Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing, And like enough thou know’st thy estimate: The charter of thy worth gives thee releasing; My bonds in thee are all determinate. For how do I hold thee but by thy granting? And for that riches [Read More...]

You are the blogwatch queen! feel the beat from the tambourine you can dance, you can jive having the time of your life… Disputations: A necessary point to consider when discussing the fact that more traditional religious orders and dioceses attract more vocations. Mike Hardy is back, which is good. Prompted by him, I’ll probably [Read More...]

“Shoots me with my own gun, that’s what gets me.” –Earl Holliman, “The Big Combo” Yes folks–I’m back. And, as is traditional, I’m on the attack. [Read more...]

GIDDY LONDON, IS IT HOME OF THE FREE OR WHAT?: So The Rat and I are gonna hit the sceptred isle for a week in late July. (“Will it hit back?”) We found a super hotel-and-airfare deal, so off we go. If anyone has suggestions for unusual fun to be had in London/the English countryside, [Read More...]

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that my $#@! archives are $#@! missing. I have already tried the interesting but useless suggestion at the PublicMind Blogger site. If people have other fun ideas I will give them a whirl. Argh. (“Move off BlogSpot” does not count as a fun idea, by the way.) [edited to add that [Read More...]

CAMP, HORROR, NO ESCAPE: So I read this while listening to this and this. My life is a sitcom. Anyway, yeah, grrrr, lame article. I would’ve given ‘em a quote that would make their hair curl. [Read more...]

OTOH, he just failed to get Grenadine to float. “Now you’re very Sullivan-like.” –Shamed [Read more...]

DON’T BE THIS BRILLIANT: Shamed notes that a new terrorist organization has been noted in the U.S.: al-Sharpton. And he pointed out that we’re both the same age as Garfield. Sara is closest. [Read more...]

THRILL OF THE CHASE: Actually, I could get really into this–because I HATE $#@!ING POP-UP ADS so much that I would take huge, huge glee in tracking them down and KILLING them. They cause my computer to crash on an average of once a day. (Admittedly this is partly my fault–I often have too many [Read More...]

THREE INTRIGUING INITIATIVES: A liberal arts core curriculum open to staff. St. Luke Productions. And my contest! Click and feel the love. [Read more...]