YOU'RE INCREDIBLY JEWISH! Either you're a full-fledged Jew or you're one lucky Christian.How Jewish are you?Via Tepper. … [Read more...]

My life is like unto a blogwatch store...Old Oligarch: On "The Passion." "It has become a welcome desert in my heart." Some interesting observations on the audience, as well.Sursum Corda: Very nice post on family and discipleship, on Saint Joseph's feast day.I'm adding Get Religion to the blogroll. It's about mainstream media coverage of religion, especially Christianity.Nina Shea (of the excellent religious-freedom advocacy group Freedom House) on the interim Iraqi constitution. … [Read more...]

WASH. MAN PLEADS IN CAMBODIA SEX CASE: The first person prosecuted under a law protecting children overseas from sex crimes by U.S. citizens has pleaded guilty to having sexual contact with boys in Cambodia, the U.S. attorney's office said.Michael Lewis Clark was arrested last June in Cambodia and was indicted last September in Seattle. He pleaded guilty Wednesday to two federal charges of engaging in and attempting to engage in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places.Clark was charged … [Read more...]

"I love my enemies because you are one of them." --Ibn Zaidun … [Read more...]

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING, I've been sickish and slothy. Failing to work up enthusiasm for interaction with others; instead, turtling and sleeping a lot. Hoping it's over now, as fever and sore throat seem to be retreating. … [Read more...]

OLIGARCH-WATCH: Tons of good stuff here.Ad for "Touching Evil" has the tagline, "What didn't kill him made him stranger." Hilarious. Possibly my new motto.Fun with Metrodrunks: The one: "Jesus Christ! Would you..."The other, interrupting: "Don't say 'Jesus Christ.' Say Mel Gibson."The one: "Mel Gibson! would you look at that..."And... "So I think to myself: What if I crush and muddle this caffeine pill with Pernod?" … [Read more...]

BEAUTIFUL: "One thing I do try to do is end with the Our Father. Sometimes they say it with me, sometimes they don't. I try to pull them both up on my lap and hold them close while I say it. I'm hoping that in years to come, when they say the prayer on their own, they'll remember the feeling of being held close by their father, which is, of course, what I hope we all might feel when saying our prayers." more … [Read more...]