SHADOW DANCE: "Hot out of the box with a brand-new cinematic meme is Cinetrix, who asks:"What movie character do you identify with the most?"at worst: Scottie, in "Vertigo"--actually I think most writers would identify at least to some extent with mediocre: Martin Blank, in "Grosse Pointe Blank"at best?: Edward G. Robinson's character, in "Five-Star Final." My, that's a crappy "best"! … [Read more...]


Hey big spender,Watch a little blog with me...Dave Tepper: bankruptcy anecdotage.The Volokh Conspiracy: Pointed quotations about free-speech issues. Some fun stuff there.And: "Welcome to gallery of anti-alcohol posters from soviet propaganda era." Via Hit & Run. … [Read more...]

LOATHE ACTUALLY: I just watched a very bad movie. It was bad in so many different ways that I will try to enumerate them for you, although I'm sure I will miss a few. So: The Crimes of "Love Actually."1. too much music...2. ...all of it horrible.3. too many characters (so many that I confused one scrubby-Englishman-and-thin-blonde couple with another), thus4. none of the plotlines ever get enough development to provoke emotional investment, so5. the script relies on stereotypes, stupidly broad … [Read more...]

BOUND BY CONVENTION: A look at interrogation techniques; via Noli Irritare Leones. ...I had spent hundreds of hours with the interrogation teams first assigned at Bagram. At one time or another, the Bagram crew had considered versions of the methods listed in the right column of that Abu Ghraib sign. They had rejected most as beyond the law, and adopted a few others in less potent form. But the trend line was clear--the longer they were at the prison, the harsher the methods they employed, and … [Read more...]

X: Yet more ten-things lists! Cacciaguida has a roundup here. Also, Mansfield Fox (almost flirting, bowling, destroying, and enlisting), Noli Irritare Leones ("Got called on to replace software because the customer's copy had been left behind when his country got invaded"), SoDakMonk (monkness, wild things, banjo), and DGM (the Ronald Coase thing is one of the funniest things I've read in a while). … [Read more...]

Maybe I'm just like my blogwatch, too bold...Hit & Run: Al-Jazeera shaking up the Middle East.The Old Oligarch: Phenomenology of married life, and cute zoo animals. Also, I resemble that remark: "How about an application of Saul Kripke's Naming and Necessity to Beavis & Butthead? It was Beavis, after all, who recalled man's estrangement from nature to the minds of a generation, when, upon seeing a goat for the first time, said, 'Hey, Butthead, that's a wolf!'"And lots more "ten things … [Read more...]