All I want is a blog somewhere,Far away from the cold watch air...Bastiat's Window: Yes, a whole blog devoted to the Broken Window Fallacy ("breaking windows is good for the economy because you have to buy more windows") and other Bastiatic economic stuff. Via Positive Liberty.Blogodoxy: A bunch of Eastern Orthodox (what do you call a group of Eastern Orthodox?) and Catholics (a surplice of Catholics?). I know I have quite a few of both in my readership, and this looks to be an interesting … [Read more...]

100 ROOMS. My (belated) contribution to the "100 things I love about comics" thing. I'm tired, so I'm only doing 25, at least for now--more later I hope. And I'm only doing stuff Jim Henley and Johnny Bacardi didn't list, but my interpretation of "didn't" may become slightly creative w/r/t, say, Los Bros. Hernandez. In no order:1- Lynda Barry's Come Over, Come Over and My Perfect Life: Sometimes (and a lot of the time, for the past few years) she slips, but when she's on, she has an incredible … [Read more...]

PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ.: Yet more '80s music theorizing.Scott Thompson notes that Men at Work were at least four-hit wonders--he lists Who Can It Be Now?, Down Under (I completely forgot this was by the same group!), It's a Mistake, Be Good Johnny, Overkill. I only remember the first two.MLY: "[Eve wrote] 'The '90s top-40 is pathetic. There are brilliant bands (Huggy Bear, PJ Harvey, obviously my lady Cat Power) but there aren't one-hit wonders . . . .'"I suspect there were quite a few one-hit … [Read more...]

BLEG: If any of you all have tips on 1) pre-marriage counseling in the DC area (Christian but not necessarily Catholic)--I mean counseling for couples who are considering marriage but aren't sure--or 2) DC groups that work with fathers to help them build strong relationships with their children, could you please drop me a line? THANKS. … [Read more...]

MAN OF SILK: "The assassination of former Lebanese prime minister and reconstruction mastermind Hariri, by a car bomb on the very waterfront he rebuilt after the country's 16-year civil war, is the worst news out of the Middle East in the last two years. It's the worst news out of Lebanon in at least ten." (more) … [Read more...]

SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME: Replies to the '80s music post so far:Both Mansfield Fox and the SoDakMonk point out that Culture Club was a several-hit wonder. This is true. (And given how much I love the Violent Femmes' cover of "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", I should have remembered that.) So, in the previous post, replace the mention of "Karma Chameleon" with the song in the title of this post. ...The Monk also suggests an alternative, techie explanation.Unfogged suggests: Coke Is It.Father Shawn … [Read more...]

THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED DAY-GLO: Why is '80s music just better?I mean, look: I could listen to Nirvana all day long. Their "Unplugged" album is fantastic. But that's not the point. The '90s top-40 is pathetic. There are brilliant bands (Huggy Bear, PJ Harvey, obviously my lady Cat Power) but there aren't one-hit wonders. And one-hit wonders (a.k.a., the zeitgeist) practically define '80s music. "Mexican Radio"; "Land Down Under"; "Safety Dance"; "Karma Chameleon" (on the CD player just now); … [Read more...]