"I couldn't leave America."America is the only place where I make any sense." --Peter Milligan, Human Target: Strike Zones … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": COMPLICATED SHADOWS. Next segment of the Norse myths story. In which Sigyn has her first two children and Michael begins a major project. Here for story so far, here for most recent segment.But iron and steel will bend and break... … [Read more...]


"I know the blood is fake, the corpses get up and go home to their families. But that doesn't make it not real." --Peter Milligan, Human Target: Strike Zones. I did mention I visited the comics shop, right?Right? … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": OTHER WICKED LITTLE THINGS. The next section of the Norse myths story. In which Sigyn and Loki begin a marriage fit for gods and monsters. A few things to note: 1) I went through and messed with the earlier segments of the story, changing some bits of prose I hated and dropping a tiny hint or two about something I just figured out about the scene at the Bitter End.2) This new section, which includes Sigyn's wedding night, got significantly more frank than I expected. I guess … [Read more...]


Nervous juvenile, won't smile, what became of you? Did that swift eclipse blogwatch you?A commenter at Amy Welborn's site thinks I was too demanding in my post on gender and the "feminine qualities" discourse: "If a bunch of bishops issued a list of men's gifts, the immediate response would be 'what a bunch of self-important sexist pigs.'"But my points were these: 1) When you only list women's Special Gifts, you're talking as if women are the only gendered people out there--men are … [Read more...]


"You keep cereal in your desk?""Yep.""That is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.""Well, you're young." --little girl and detective, Brian Bendis, Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl?--Yes, despite my best intentions, I seem to have gotten suckered into reading Powers. Apparently, like Elvis Costello, I talk to myself but I just don't listen. … [Read more...]


SECONDARY MUTATIONS: This is my big post about Grant Morrison's New X-Men. Spoilers, of course, abound."WOLVERINE. I THINK YOU CAN STOP DOING THAT NOW." Perhaps the most obvious feature of NXM, by the time it ended, was the way it took every single reader expectation and rubbed its face in the dirt. Every single kind of X-Men story was warped and molded to the NXM framework: Shi'ar aliens, Sentinels, Phoenix, everything is recycled. The line that summarizes the most obvious feature of NXM is … [Read more...]