SHEEPISH: Great sermon from Father Tucker. Excerpts:...I'd like to consider this image for a bit and see what it might mean for us in our lives as Christ's disciples. Christ is our shepherd -- our pastor -- and we are His sheep. I think, though, that our suburban notion of sheep is a bit off the mark. To most of us, a sheep is a sweet, little animal, all white and fluffy and adorable. It's almost a teddy bear in the popular imagination. Having grown up in the country, I can assure you that the … [Read more...]

AMY WELBORN TALKS SENSE. (IN OTHER NEWS, WATER WET.) Excerpts from her post about Kerry and the Eucharist:Teachable moments continue to pile up.The first teachable moment is already aging--what is the Eucharist, what does it mean, what do we "say" when we approach Jesus in Eucharist?No one seems to understand this. At all.The second teachable moment regards the varying aspects of Catholic teaching. The problem with this is that without nuance, any effort immediately gets boiled down to … [Read more...]

BLAH! Sursum Corda is shuttering its doors. I understand why, but Peter's voice will definitely be missed--always a grace note amid the online cacophony. … [Read more...]

"A belief is like a guillotine: just as heavy, just as light." --Franz Kafka … [Read more...]

MANIC-DEPRESSIVE JUKEBOX: No matter how low and gray I'm feeling, the Pet Shop Boys always make me happy. (Or furious, whatever. Anger is the new calm.)No matter how psyched and chuffed I'm feeling, Johnny Cash always makes me want to crawl in a hole and cry my eyes out.Both so good. Give my love to Rose.... … [Read more...]

READ THE RAT! Enter into the heart of snarkness. … [Read more...]