"YOU WILL BE PULLED BACK": IN A SEASON OF CALM WEATHER. The first section of the Ray Bradbury pastiche. There are only three segments of this particular insect, and they're all short.Looking down on empty streets, all she can see Are the dreams made solid, Are the dreams made real. All of the buildings, and all of the cars, Were once just a dream in somebody's head.And he had the idea to fly... … [Read more...]


"A scene in the movie required a hurricane. The propeller roared like a B-29, wind and rain lashed Belle Isle, the live oaks turned inside out, Spanish moss tore loose, the sheet metal thundered. But on the other side of the pigeonnier the sun shone serenely." --Lancelot … [Read more...]




"I was moderately happy. At least at the moment I was happy. But not for the reasons given above. The reason I was happy was that I was reading for perhaps the fourth or fifth time a Raymond Chandler novel. It gave me pleasure, (no, I'll put it more strongly: it didn't just give me pleasure, it was the only way I could stand my life) to sit there in old goldgreen Louisiana under the levee and read, not about General Beauregard, but about Philip Marlowe taking a bottle out of his desk drawer in … [Read more...]


"DARK HARBOR": So it's this amazingly exploitive adultery thriller. I'm pretty sure the plot makes no sense. The ending is a tribute to The Power Of Cheese.I'm watching it again tonight.Wait, you say. You are confused.Ah! I've forgotten to mention something. "Dark Harbor" also just so happens to star this.Now it makes sense, no? … [Read more...]


"THROUGH THE YEARS WE ALL WILL BE TOGETHER": ITS BITTER PERFUME. At last, the end of the depressing Christmas story. The structure of this story is egregious. I do think there's good stuff here, but it will take some serious kneading and punching before the dough is ready. At any rate, you can read the whole thing from the beginning here, or get the final installment, in which the characters go home.When we finally kiss goodnight How I'll hate going out in the storm! But if you'll really … [Read more...]


I've given you plant food, I've given you dirt; You've given me nothing But blogwatch and hurt...Jon Rowe: Rorschach (of Watchmen fame), Allan Bloom, Nietzsche. I disagree with Jon about Leo Strauss (even though I wrote a B-minus level paper making the case for Jon's position!) but this is definitely worth your time. And Jon's take on Bloom and "Nihilism, American-Style" is spot on. And I think the Old Oligarch would definitely appreciate this take on Nietzsche. ...My big sprawly Watchmen post … [Read more...]