WILD KINGDOM: So after Noli Irritare Leones posted on the continuing vulture crisis, I dreamt about those wonderful carrion birds. I dreamt that a full-grown vulturiffic beastie made its way to a small tree outside the Chevy Chase Library. It ate another, smaller bird (which I'm not sure if they do?), and was then joined by an incredibly cute vulture chick, the Nermal to its Garfield. Awwww. (Admit it: You could have predicted that I would have a thing for vultures. I think they're super … [Read more...]


Well come on, if you need loving, Pirandello, don't be shy-- It just takes a little blogwatch And we'll get there by and by...(At least, I think that's what he's singing....)Johnny Bacardi reads Planetes! Yay! Why don't you read Planetes too?The Washington Post's "Ask Amy" columnist actually tackles a subject I really wanted to hear about: How do you respond when you see a parent publicly berating a child? Lots of good responses from readers.That's all I've got. Lots of short posts … [Read more...]


PUT OUT THE LIGHT, AND THEN PUT OUT THE LIGHT: In case you're wondering why I beat up on the Enlightenment and its acolytes a lot here, I figured I'd give some links. I welcome criticism on any of these posts. Just figured it would be helpful, both for me and for people who radically disagree with me, to have all this stuff in one place.Bad epistemology. And again. (With added theory-of-journalism!) Stupid theology. (Yes, I know, this is Mark Twain not Descartes, but if you want to argue that … [Read more...]


WORDS, WORDS, WORDS: More taglines for the New Penguin Shakespeare. Here are two from me: TWELFTH NIGHT: Clown: Why, 'some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrown upon them.' I was one, sir, in this interlude; one Sir Topas, sir; but that's all one. 'By the Lord, fool, I am not mad.' But do you remember? 'Madam, why laugh you at such a barren rascal? an you smile not, he's gagged:' and thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges.A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: … [Read more...]


Tattoo on the blogwatch Which says, "Beware, behave, be mine!"...Had a terrific conversation with Terry "About Last Night" Teachout, over Indian buffet. Some of those ideas will probably work themselves out in blog posts soon enough. Also, he's found a great moment in Eliot's "Family Reunion," here. Powerful.Agenda Bender: "Parastone Studios is an outnetherlandish enterprise which renders figures and objects from assorted famous paintings in three dimensions, it knocks the flat out of 'em … [Read more...]


One night in Blogwatch makes a hard man humble...The Pope Blog: For all your Pope News needs. Seriously, I'm surprised this niche wasn't already filled, but welcome to the Popeblogger.Reason's "hopes and fears for the 2Bush2 term" piece. I'm most thoroughly in agreement with Tyler Cowen, Daniel Drezner, and to a lesser extent Bob Barr; but it's all worth reading.This Policy Review piece on the demographic crash is fascinating and you should read it. I'm already wondering how some of this … [Read more...]


FUN WITH HEADLINES: Includes some fabulous NY Daily News ones that were new to me. Via the New Criterion blog. … [Read more...]