LIPSTICK VOGUE: A useful, if deeply passive-aggressive, description of the hypersexualized (and therefore creepily anti-erotic) atmosphere of the modern elite college campus. Rough language and so forth.A more up-front, but perhaps for that reason less effective, discussion can be found here: "The problem with the Yale sex drive is not that it is too strong, but that it is too weak." As C.S. Lewis says, we are far too easily pleased. … [Read more...]

WHY YOUR JOB ISN'T MOVING TO BANGALORE: ...In objecting to moving service jobs overseas, Senator Kerry is wrong on two counts. First, his economics is faulty: the practice only adds to the overall economic pie and improves the competitiveness of American companies. In a world economy, firms that forgo cheaper supplies of services are doomed to lose markets, and hence production. And companies that die out, of course, do not employ people. ...Unfortunately, the issue is further confused by … [Read more...]

HOSPITALS AND HUMILITY: Father Tucker on the personal experience of ex opere operato. "You can tell yourself all sorts of things about what a wonderful job you do, but when push comes to shove and somebody wants his sins forgiven, any old priest will do." … [Read more...]

STOP ME IF YOU THINK THAT YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE: (a.k.a. "He talks about you in his sleep, and it's all that I can do to keep from cryin' when he calls your name, Jolene.")Themes you return to again and again?Queer Catholics/Christians. Either or (esp.) both.Fatalism vs. hope, a.k.a. Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam, a.k.a. the sin of despair. Frequently disguised as other sins, e.g. substance abuse, lust.Cultural conformity vs. capitulation to self vs. defining oneself through … [Read more...]

"CURRENTLY DEAD." But everything can change. Your crash course in X-Men comics. Via Naomi Chana.Or you could just go here. … [Read more...]

I'M CHARLES IV, MAD KING OF FRANCE! Is anyone really surprised?A fine, amiable and dreamy young man, skilled in horsemanship and archery, you were also from a long line of dribbling madmen. King at 12 and quickly married to your sweetheart, Bavarian Princess Isabeau, you enjoyed many happy months together before either of you could speak anything of the other's language. However, after illness you became a tad unstable. When a raving lunatic ran up to your entourage spouting an incoherent … [Read more...]

BE A NICE GIRL, KISS THE WARDERS Dagnabbit! I'm Jacques Derrida. At least I'm not dead! But really, slim pickin's all around. Me for Saint Anselm. Screw the century of blood.Which 20th century theorist are you?Via Naomi Chana. … [Read more...]