SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE: So I've recently sampled two sci-fi/horror works: the first volume of Junji Ito's killer-fish manga Gyo, and the '60s French b&w; film "Eyes without a Face." Both were effectively creepy, but neither really captivated me.Gyo begins with an intriguing sequence between a young couple on vacation at Okinawa. The girlfriend is repelled by the boyfriend's bad breath; they fight about money, and she complains of the worsening smell. But the smell turns out to … [Read more...]

I'VE BEEN MESSIN' WITH THE BLOGROLL, ALL THE LIVELONG DAYYYYYYY.... Two additions: Diotima, who posts primarily on feminism and its discontents, and law-blog-god How Appealing. I also fixed some bad links, and finally updated my archives list. … [Read more...]

INTERNATIONAL JEWISH CONSPIRACY. Hee! Includes "Are You a Giant Lizard? You'd Be Surprised!"Via Cacciaguida. … [Read more...]

"GETTING FIRED": "YOU MUST BE HERE FOR THE MACHINE." The latest installment of my short story's rough draft. This is probably the height of the story's weirdness. It's pretty creeptastic. B&w; film homage continues as our hero watches two members of his profession get... beautified. Read the story so far starting here (recommended), or just read the most recent installment here. … [Read more...]

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: TWO VIEWS OF MARRIAGE. Me at MarriageDebate. Not an argument, more an introduction or framework. Also, sometime this morning there will be a new question of the week: Does history matter? Plus the usual news-and-opinion smorgasbord (orgasbord, orgasbord). … [Read more...]

CLINTON AND IRAQ: WMDs, sanctions, lying to the public, and trusting defectors. Start here, then go here, then here (comments too), then here. All are very much worth your time. I am way too tired to pull together coherent commentary, though.Also: "The Bush administration's assertion that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had ties to al Qaeda -- one of the administration's central arguments for a preemptive war -- appears to have been based on even less solid intelligence than the administration's … [Read more...]

I will watch the blog from Venus (for science!)...Cacciaguida: "Die Frau Ohne Schatten"--the secret is out....Unqualified Offerings: Homeschooling and socialization. Me on ditto.Johnny Cash reads the New Testament. Via Relapsed Catholic.India's Muslims are oppressed. Why aren't they angry? I don't know enough about the situation to say whether this assessment is accurate, but it is interesting.And last: "Now he's the author of 'Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things,' a book that shows … [Read more...]