"As late as 1913, Max Beerbohm was still able to mock the vogue for Russian literature by creating an all-purpose Russian writer named Kolniyatsch, of whom Beerbohm wrote: 'his burning faith in a personal Devil, his frank delight in earthquakes and pestilences, and his belief that every one but himself will be brought back to life in time to be frozen in the next glacial epoch, seem rather to stamp him as an optimist.'" --Joseph Epstein, The New Criterion, October 1992   via Ratty via … [Read more...]


MARVEL SOLICITATIONS ON CRACK: Yup. Click and bask in the blank unholy surprise of it all.Oh, and there's foxy boxing in outer space. Yes, FOXY BOXING! … [Read more...]


"YOU WILL BE PULLED BACK": INSIDE THE CLIMBING SPIDER. The second, and second-to-last, part of the Not Quite As Ray Bradbury-Like As I'd Expected story. Read whole thing from start here or get newest segment here. I'll likely complete this over the weekend.Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and gray Nowhere in the cities, in the cold light of day There in the midst of it, So alive, and alone......So the wind swept the whirlpool across the sky. … [Read more...]


THIS IS THE LAST POST ABOUT THE MOTH. Probably a cecropia or maybe a polyphemus. Aren't they pretty? … [Read more...]


BEAUTY, ART, PRIESTS, MORE!: Barbara Nicolosi of Church of the Masses addresses people who work in the formation of seminarians. Tons of great stuff. Here are some quotes that spoke especially strongly to me: "...I have no business talking to you about how to form priests--but I can speak about some of what we have come to in trying to form artists and in the same way that we are trying to realize the priesthood of the artist, perhaps you can begin to brood over the artisthood of the priest? … [Read more...]


"I joined the A.C.L.U. and became a liberal. Then a drunk. Sober, I could not bear to look at Belle Isle and the great oaks; they seemed so sad and used up and self-canceling. Five good drinks and they seemed themselves." --Lancelot … [Read more...]


MOTHRA AND MORE: So the giant moth (and thanks very much for the suggestions as to its nature; I especially appreciated the reader who warned me that it was likely an alien scout) was not dead. After spending about a day at rest in the corner of the room, it eventually roused itself and staggered to the window, then shambled out into the night.My conclusion is that I am running a drunk tank for moths. Is anyone really surprised?In other updateliness, I did in fact watch "Dark Harbor" again. … [Read more...]