SEEKERS, SEARCHERS: MLY writes an incisive reply to that Jonah Goldberg column about pragmatism: Re the G-file on "pragmatism" : When I read it I thought that Goldberg seems not to be attacking pragmatism, but to be making a pragmatic case against utilitarianism. That is, I read his remarks to be saying something like:"Don't teach people that the reason to ban murder is economic efficiency, because then fewer people will observe the ban on murder, and that would be inefficient."Goldberg … [Read more...]

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, SEVERUS! (Else what is fandom for?)(In case you're wondering: Because I love traitors and hate children. You can imagine how this makes my work for IMAPP both easier and harder, respectively.)mood: heh music: eh (I reread Liberty/License, and now I have "Horse with no Name" stuck in my head) … [Read more...]

THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG: Some interesting stuff at MarriageDebate. We're talking about love; I'm quoting "Dark Harbor" and the court of the Countess of Champagne. Other things of note include a remote area of China with "no husbands, no fathers"; campus conservatives who see same-sex marriage as a rejection of the sexual revolution; a fantastic piece by a Unitarian who asks what Unitarians can do besides supporting the right to marry and the right to divorce; Andrew Sullivan and marriage and … [Read more...]

"RETCON": NETSUKE SQUID. First section of current short story. Writing is workaday here but the story itself is, I think, pretty swift. Sarah meets her father's girlfriend and tries to figure out what happened to her squid. Here. … [Read more...]

SO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR NOVEL. Teresa Nielsen Hayden Explains It All for You. With lots of other stuff, too. … [Read more...]

You ain't nothin' but a blogwatch; Quit snoopin' round my door...Andrew Sullivan: "And, as I've said many times, homosexuality is very easy to understand. It is exactly the same as heterosexuality, with the gender reversed." Um, only if men are interchangeable with women. So, no.Hit & Run: Hilarity re Bush cabinet of comics creators. Stan Lee for UN Ambassador is a stroke of genius.You should be reading Unqualified Offerings every day.A Jewish and Israeli blog contest. (Via Kesher … [Read more...]

REPEAT THE SOUNDING JOY: Some really nice responses to my post (immediately below) on traditional prayers.Lots of great stuff from Amy Welborn and her commenters, including points about how ritual connects us to other people.Verbum Ipsum on praying the daily office.Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk: "Ahhhh. This is the Catholic version of the daily Amidah. here here"To me it is an immense relief to not have to make up my own words, to have a checklist prepared for me. Esp since the sages were … [Read more...]