DEATH AND TARIFFS: "Tsunami-hit Thais told: Buy six planes or face EU tariffs." Via The Corner.And: "Less than two weeks after a 40-foot wave flattened massive swaths of Southeast Asia, the United States slapped a tariff on millions of dollars worth of seafood imports from India and Thailand. As the federal government promised $350 million, and private citizens pledged even more, the message to surviving shrimp farmers was clear: Have our marines, our pity, and our cash, but for the love of … [Read more...]

THE ROMANCE OF ERRATA: Some notes on the big gender post below.1--I think that post focuses too much on pregnancy as a risk, rather than a reward. That doubtless reflects my volunteer job and my general bachelorette lifestyle, among other things. But the post should have had a much more positive view of pregnancy and childbearing.2--Jim Henley is overreading me, here, though that's partly my fault--the last para. of my post is really unclear, sorry. The post isn't a persuasive argument … [Read more...]

COMPARE AND CONTRAST. Via Andrew Sullivan. … [Read more...]

You think you're young and original; get out before They get to watch your blog...First: That piece on Roe at 25 I posted below is by the National Review editors, not Ramesh Ponnuru. Very sorry--fixed now.<em>Reading Lolita in Tehran to be a movie (third-to-last paragraph). Via Dave Tepper, who adds, "And Shoreh Aghdashloo rocks not only my world, but all possible worlds."Spirit of America is sponsoring an Iraqi election blog project. Via The Corner."The other half of the story: … [Read more...]

ROMANTIC COMEDIES: So, I said I would reply to Sean Collins. And here it is. If you don't want my opinion, don't rattle my cage.His email reads thus: Hi Eve![Eve said, re Sullivan:] "Andrew Sullivan: 'And, as I've said many times, homosexuality is very easy to understand. It is exactly the same as heterosexuality, with the gender reversed.' Um, only if men are interchangeable with women. So, no."But my wife is not interchangeable with my friend Jesse's wife, or Paul Newman's wife, or … [Read more...]

IN A DARK TIME, THE EYE BEGINS TO SEE: After Abortion.The editors of National Review on Roe v. Wade at 25: Everything abortion touches, it corrupts. It has corrupted family life. In the war between the sexes, abortion tilts the playing field toward predatory males, giving them another excuse for abandoning their offspring: She chose to carry the child; let her pay for her choice. Our law now says, in effect, that fatherhood has no meaning, and we are shocked that some men have learned that … [Read more...]

My first steps-- Hope it's for the best-- Someone I blogwatched...There will be real posting tonight. We will die free chickens or die trying!!!!Libertas: A forum for conservative thought on film. Via The Corner, I think.And I expect many of my readers would be interested in any blog calling itself Home, Throne, and Altar. (But does he think that culture's highest time was that of Galahad?) Via Hugo Schwyzer.PubliusPundit: Following news and commentary on free elections. Focuses on … [Read more...]