PICTURES OF YOU: Got to meet Noli Irritare Leones and her husband yesterday. We went to Crystal Cove and explored tidepools--tons of fun. You can see pictures of the three of us (Lynn, Ratty and me) by scrolling to the bottom of the blogroll here. Muchisimas gracias! … [Read more...]

LEARN TO SAY THE SAME THING: Nice note from SCC on repeating traditional prayers: Perhaps you'd like to take a look at "The Way of a Pilgrim" if you haven't done so already. It's a book about a wandering monk/hermit in 17th or 18th century Russia who's trying to understand the Jesus Prayer ("Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Mercy on me a sinner"). It's a very interesting examination of repetitive/traditional prayer and its effects on the soul. If you ever do read it, I'd like to hear your … [Read more...]

HEY LITTLE GIRL, PLATONIC REACTION: Disputations defends Aristotle. … [Read more...]

"RETCON": ELSEWORLDS. It's done. I ended up writing a huge big lump of it, so I'm posting it in, uh, a huge big lump. Anyway, this is a short story. It's done now. In this segment, Sarah and her father walk on the beach, something is found but some things are still lost, the prose continues to be workaday at best, and Madeleine appears not at all. Let me know if you think she needs to come back, if only for symmetry's sake. I suspect this story is predictable, but I haven't ever seen these … [Read more...]

Yes, sir, that's my blogwatch...Annunciations: Lenten retreat with Michael Dubruiel! It's in Indianapolis.The Morning Retort has a great reply to my "repetitive/traditional prayer" post: "To turn their comments on their heads, I would like to claim that evangelical Christians are doing too much 'vain repetition.'" Much more.Woodstove/Lutheran in a Tipi on contemporary worship styles and the language of tradition.And, via Hit & Run: News accounts, congressional testimony and … [Read more...]

At the gate she turned and looked across to Ben's grave. The air was iron cold and still. She would never, never, never be able to accept his death, and she didn't try. This wasn't an illness she would recover from; it was an amputation she had to learn to live with. There was a great and surprising peace in acknowledging this. --Pat Barker, Double Vision … [Read more...]

I blogged through the desert on a watch with no name...Old Oligarch: Mary, Gate of Salvation--great post on Theotokos.Volokh Conspiracy: Good basic post noting that the question of "fairness" in media coverage isn't solely or even primarily about how stories get covered but about which stories get covered.Places to read about torture and US policy thereon: Disputations (via Noli Irritare Leones); Andrew Sullivan (yeah, I know--scroll past the random overreadings of innocuous Bush … [Read more...]