CAPITOL HILL PREGNANCY CENTER is holding volunteer training sessions in March! Call (202) 546-1018 for more information. You know you want to! … [Read more...]

NEEDFUL THINGS: One of those Internet things, from Tepper. (Hey dude, come play with us some time. We must watch grimsome movies together.)Favorite Color: Black, black, black is the color of my true love's hair.... (Yeah, it's an affectation, but 'tis mine own, baby.)Favorite Flower: Lilac trees in the heart of town, on the street where you live.Favorite Scent: Commercial: Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche. So chemical! So "Metropolis"!Nature Is a Language, Can't You Read?: Lilacs. Also, … [Read more...]

WHO YOU ARE, AND WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Eugene Volokh focused on the First Amendment ramifications of this story from the UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Campus Resource Center: "Readers of this blog are likely aware that I have no moral objections to homosexuality; and I sympathize with the desire to make students who might be troubled by their sexual orientation feel more comfortable with it. But the Supreme Court's Establishment Clause caselaw (whether it's right or wrong) makes clear that … [Read more...]

I've got this friend you see who makes me feel And I blogwatched more than I could steal...Church of the Masses praises "Monster." I'm not totally sure I can take this movie. I'm usually hardcore about stomaching horror in the service of story, but... eh... I knew a lot of people who related really closely to Aileen Wuornos in a way that makes me not so sure that I want to see this, no matter how good it is. Wrath is, as regular readers know, one of my besetting sins. We'll see.Krubner (who … [Read more...]

IRAN, IRAN'S SO FAR AWAY... Oxblog roundup on Iranian liberalization. You need to read this stuff. One-third of their MPs have resigned, y'all. This ain't just whistlin' Dixie. … [Read more...]

GAZA STRIPPING: This sounds like the sort of thing that needed to happen. Actual Israelis seem to agree. Links via Les Savy Volokh and Oxblog. What, you think I read newspapers? I'm lucky to read the crawl along the side of a daggone New York skyscraper. … [Read more...]

SOMETHING HAPPENED: Minisinoo, Queen of X-Fic, asks: "What is 'story'?"Her answer: "...I view a story as a journey on which the author invites the reader. Any kind of journey, whether in space and time, or in philosophy and spirit, or in character growth. I also think 'conflict' of some sort is a necessary part. Some challenge has to be posed, and resolved -- if only partially."(I don't think it's always necessary for a story to answer all questions, as sometimes what we share as human … [Read more...]