"'Feel my feather.'" --Portnoy's Complaint … [Read more...]


UPRISING IN HAITI. I haven't been able to find anything yet on what the rebels want. Aristide is a repressive, two-bit tyrant, but there's no guarantee that what replaces him would be better. … [Read more...]


"But I will not treat any human being (outside my family) as inferior!" --Portnoy's Complaint … [Read more...]


BEN--I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! Is it a bad sign that "Willard" (2003) is a guaranteed tearjerker for me? … [Read more...]


SAMSON, YOU STAY WITH YOUR 'LILAH...: Dappled Things has a roundup of the "Christian references in pop songs" thread. I can't believe I forgot the song linked in the headline of this post. Anyway, go read. Much fun. … [Read more...]


CENTURY OF BLOOD: Hitler's would-be executioner dreams of dead friends. Via E-Pression. … [Read more...]


A LESS THAN MAXIMALLY TRANSPARENT EYEBALL: See now, I am interested in so many of the same subjects as Motime Like the Present. And I am semi-hemi-demi-steeped in academic litspeak. And yet I find myself utterly unable to comprehend more than half of what he posts. I don't know why. Maybe it's just the old Emerson vs. Nietzsche conflict? Anyway, for whatever reason, I never do feel like I'm using words the same way he is. So from now on, assume that any comments on MLTP posts are simply my … [Read more...]