BLAH! Sursum Corda is shuttering its doors. I understand why, but Peter's voice will definitely be missed--always a grace note amid the online cacophony. … [Read more...]

"A belief is like a guillotine: just as heavy, just as light." --Franz Kafka … [Read more...]

MANIC-DEPRESSIVE JUKEBOX: No matter how low and gray I'm feeling, the Pet Shop Boys always make me happy. (Or furious, whatever. Anger is the new calm.)No matter how psyched and chuffed I'm feeling, Johnny Cash always makes me want to crawl in a hole and cry my eyes out.Both so good. Give my love to Rose.... … [Read more...]

READ THE RAT! Enter into the heart of snarkness. … [Read more...]


TITLES OF NOBILITY: I'm always wondering what makes for a good title. I used to like hideously overdone titles like By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept; I think I've broken myself of that by now. Here's my list of titles that really kill me. I haven't read many of the books listed; for these purposes that doesn't really matter. The ones labeled "in context" are titles that only really resonate if you have a vague general sense of what the book is about, but again, none of these titles … [Read more...]

Droll rat, they would shoot you if they knew Your cosmopolitan sympathies. --completely out of context, Isaac Rosenberg, "Break of Day in the Trenches" … [Read more...]