DAPPLED THINGS ON SCRIPTURE AND A SHARING IN THE CRUCIFIXION: "One of the often-remarked-upon features of Latin Christianity is our focus upon the Cross, the sufferings of Christ, and our own sharing in those sufferings. One can also see this in Luther's theology of the cross. There is a counter-current, though, that dismisses this 'crucicentrism' as Mediaeval mumbo-jumbo, poor self-image, sublimated masochism, and a faulty understanding of the importance of the Resurrection ('We're Easter … [Read more...]


MY REACTION TO THIS CHICAGO TRIBUNE PIECE (because the whole "marriage isn't a norm in the gay community" angle now feels totally played to me, due to my job): Who names lesbian bars??? Seriously. I thought DC had a lock on awful lesbian bar names (Phase One and--ahem!--The Hung Jury) but apparently Chicago has a gay-girl bar called "The Closet."What'n Ah say What'n?Jaded, I know, but really... whose brilliant idea was this? … [Read more...]


PARISHES TO AVOID: "Dahlgren Chapel"--that isn't a Samuel Delany reference, is it??? (kidding.)I forget where I found this. … [Read more...]


RANDOMNESS: Everyone wants to ring their own changes on the Gospel, turn it to their own preferred purposes. I guess I'll just say for now that the statement, "God is love," ought to change your view of love at least as much as it changes your view of God. If it doesn't... look again. … [Read more...]


THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION: Why are most traffic lights fire-engine red, but some are more of a fruit-punch color? If you actually know the answer to this question, PLEASE email me. … [Read more...]


I really don't like being without my blogwatch for too long. It makes me feel like less of a man.Catholic Ragemonkey: How a ragemonkey became a Catholic. Moving post. Well worth your time. "It was the reality of suffering that brought me to the Church. Everything tells you suffering has no meaning. But through the fullness of Faith as transmitted by the Church, love shows itself in suffering. And love is the only solution to suffering. And only the Catholic Church knows what to make of … [Read more...]


THE COMEDIANS: A Spenserian stanza. My reading has been boring, so I have to resort to original poetry to keep myself interested.I was an agent once, a double man, A separated soul. I'd turned against The last ones left who'd still extend their hands. I had such skills for spying: how I sensed Each change in breath and diction! How I fenced With your assassins (sent in groups of ten). I never said I loved you, for you tensed Each time I tried. Too drunk, I can't say when. I can't trust that … [Read more...]