IT SPEAKS! I will be speaking on same-sex marriage at Notre Dame University, Tuesday, 12.15 PM, at the law school, under the auspices of the Saint Thomas More Law Society. Not sure of the room number, but if you're enterprising I expect you can find me.I will also be speaking on a panel about SSM at Stanford University on February 3. I forget time and don't know place, but will post an update when I have better info. There are more speaking engagements in my future, but no dates confirmed so … [Read more...]

"'In my innermost self I condemned you, but you were so wretched and pathetic, your behaviour was so monstrous, that my heart bled for you.'" --"The Duel"; more on this soonish … [Read more...]

BY THE WAY: Friday night, I reread Daredevil: Hardcore as a substitute for the usual method of knitting up the ravell'd sleeve of care. So! much! fun! From that sated, unapologetic, killer cover, through the "reruns of your grief" plot (oh so much more on this when Grant Morrison leaves New X-Men), just too swift for words. It's at times like this that I regret waiting for the trade--I may well pick up this past week's issue, even though I know the ads will seriously get up my snout. … [Read more...]

MORE WATCHMEN: Peiratikos and Unqualified Offerings both make really good points about the political resonances of the comic, a subject I entirely ignored in a way that probably threw my analysis off. UO, especially, may cause me to seriously rethink my take on the pirate comic, though again, that will have to wait until I can reread the book. Anyway, go read these pieces! They're short and very fruitful. … [Read more...]

"And she suddenly wanted to make him love her--then rob him, cast him aside and await the sequel." --"The Duel" … [Read more...]

THE POWERPOINT ANTHOLOGY OF LITERATURE. Hilarity. Via Matthew Yglesias.UPDATE: Well, the last two are lame. But the others are great. … [Read more...]

GROTESQUE ANATOMY ON WATCHMEN, very much worth your time if you liked my piece below. I'm not sure I agree with him about Dr. Manhattan's consistency--need to reread it with GA's take in mind. I definitely need to explain my overly-compressed bit about Rorschach, meaning, and justice better. Will try to do that Sundayish. Anyway, there's good food for thought here. … [Read more...]