IN DEFENSE OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM: Interview with Johan Norberg. Via Dappled Things. … [Read more...]

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: I'm going to bite the bullet (mmm, bullet) and see a doctor about my insomnia. Last night just sucked. … [Read more...]

"You can't keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once, and move on." Get many fine Homer Simpson quotes here. … [Read more...]

"Conscious of the conflict between his desire to be good and his inability to obey his father's advice to bank on his own strength, Richard came to the Christian faith sometime in his senior year. ...His life began to change very quickly. He said even his parents noticed that, while Richard had been something of a wild teenager before going to college, he now seemed compliant and polite." --Jesus in BeijingNot an effect conversion had on me, I'm afraid. … [Read more...]


"DESIRE: APRIL FOOLS": The fifth and final installment of the current short story. This one was fun. What happens to Holly, the world's first bachelorette adulterer?You can get the final segment here or--I recommend doing it this way--start from the beginning here.Friday, I'll start posting "Getting Fired." … [Read more...]

READING AROUND IRAQI BLOGS: "usually my nightmares have either Italian girls dumping me, or American soldiers stopping me on check points." Raed of course. Plus, lots of stuff exploding outside the windows, in the night. And black market gasoline.Healing Iraq: "It's good to be back to normal again. By normal I mean total chaos, endless lines for gasoline, long electricity outages, and sounds of unknown explosions and gunfire. Yes you guessed it right, I'm back in Baghdad again. Though to be … [Read more...]