Every true apprentice writer has, however he may try to keep it secret even from himself, only one major goal: glory. --The Art of Fiction … [Read more...]


Searching for Mr. Right, Blogwatching half the night...Amptoons on a couple whose son was taken by Protective Services solely because the couple is blind. (The child is home now, due to an outcry by disability activists.) This article includes another blind couple describing how they are raising their two children.Oxblog: "Sickened as I was like other observers by the scenes which appeared over the summer from Abu Ghraib, I'm left by the onset of Charles Graner's trial by court-martial in … [Read more...]


CARE BEARS NOIR. … [Read more...]


I see your true colors blogging through,I see your true colors, and that's why I watch you...Hugo Schwyzer: "And I am equally prepared to defend the proposition that since English common law had a greater impact upon our contemporary society than legal codes in medieval Mali, they ought to spend more time on the former. Good historians prioritize and rank; good historians draw distinctions, and then engage in vigorous debates with their colleagues about those distinctions."Also, in case it got … [Read more...]


"SURRENDER" IS THE FIRST MOVEMENT OF LOVE: Beautiful, truly moving post on confession, from a blogging priest. Found it while looking for something else. If you are trying to figure out the Catholic Church or the nature of mercy, this is a must-read; so I'm linking it again. … [Read more...]


IT JUST TAKES A BEAT/TO TURN IT AROUND: Oh, "The Essential Cyndi Lauper" is the most amazing thing on earth. I'm so in love. There's one dud ("Sisters of Avalon," whatever, please stop reading Mercedes Lackey while smoking pot) and one mediocrity ("Hatful of Stars," shrug), but everything else is sparkling liquid Cyndi. She has the voice that every '80s pop diva (with the possible exception of Annie Lennox and the definite non-exception of Madonna) wanted. She can go from squeaky to … [Read more...]


THE SUNFLOWER AND THE ASYMPTOTE: College paper, heavily abridged, on the assumptions behind Augustine's proof of God....Augustine makes two kinds of arguments for God's existence, related in their emphasis on a necessary connection between mutable things and an immutable thing. He speaks of God as the "eternal and immutable form which preserves these mutable things from being reduced to nothingness, and preserves them... with their distinct varieties of form... Nothing can 'form' itself, … [Read more...]