ANDREW SULLIVAN SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO THE REGISTER: So that he’d know that he’s wigging about Scalia’s death-penalty remarks. (Scroll down.) Rod Dreher answered him pretty well over at The Stealth Bloggers, but just in case you’re still wondering whether “the usual defenders of Catholic orthodoxy” really were as silent as Sullivan says, here’s that Reg editorial again. But Sullivan often trots out this weird attitude that the Church’s teaching on the death penalty (which he fudges anyway) is more stringent,… Read more

TNR ROX!: Well, no. But today’s articles on pork (mmm, pork) and especially, of course, farm subsidies were good solid work. I think “Hold still, little catfish!” should feature in some Natalija-esque libertarian porno. Read more

PET SEMATARY, THE SEQUEL: Charles Murtaugh has a piece on cloning in NRO, but, oddly, he writes as if cloning would bring a dead pet back to life. It won’t. Clones aren’t Xerox copies. In other Murtaugh-related news, I feel like an idiot for not getting his point about why organ-selling is like drug-selling. (There’s much goodness on that site today; scroll up.) Read more

AND NOW FOR SOME FAIR AND BALANCED REPORTING: I’ve been following the Shamed/Barlow media bias controversy . Barlow’s post is vast, and I’ll just address a couple points. I agree w/Barlow on media hype of Gore’s “lies,” and Bush did get a pass on some problems that didn’t fit the dumb-Texan stereotype (like the AWOL accusation, which I haven’t checked out so I won’t comment on). Also agree that Ann Coulter is egregious, and her comments are comparable to Julianne… Read more

GREAT MOMENTS IN LEFTY SLOGANEERING: Check out the poster furthest to the right in the photo here. Awesome. (Link will not work after 2/19–go to the YDN archive site and click on 2/19.) Read more

POTTER IS NOT A GATEWAY DRUG: Very cool letter in the Feb. 3-9 National Catholic Register from a 14-year-old defender of the bespectacled wizardling. Anne Marie Sohler writes, after quoting a Register op-ed slamming Rowling’s “pseudo-morality”: “I do not deny that modern culture is chock-full of pseudo morality, dipped in a nice sugar coating–to please parents, of course. I have found the Harry Potter series to be filled with evil. Real, terrifying, unwholesome evil. However. “J.K. Rowling does not glorify… Read more

“What do you know about scenery? Or beauty? Or any of the things that really make life worth living? You’re just an animal–coarse, muscled, barbaric.” “You keep right on talking, honey. I like the way you run me down like that.” –Barrie Chase and Robert Mitchum, “Cape Fear” Read more

SUPPORT GROUP FORMING: WITCHES FOR JESUS. The previous post should indicate that I don’t have much patience for the people who think any books with sympathetic witches and wizards must be anti-Christian. Sure, fantasy books can be implicitly anti-Catholic, like The Spellkey, a book that is great on many levels but cliched and annoying in its attempts to portray the Church as a conspiracy of the vile. And I haven’t read Harry Potter, so I can’t comment on what’s up… Read more

THE HOUSE WITH THE WEST IN ITS WALLS: I can’t recall now what made me think of John Bellairs. I was on the S2, heading down 16th Street toward the house where I grew up, when I remembered his funny, weird horror books for kids. In Bellairs-land, Catholicism is more of an atmosphere than a creed; his towns are populated by struggling families, fierce nuns, librarians and professors, and people who’ve made pacts with the Devil. Probably my favorite Bellairs… Read more

PSSST… WANNA BUY AN ORGAN?: Charles Murtaugh has some very good stuff on organ-selling and why we should welcome it. I’d add that I think some of the resistance to organ sales is based on one mistaken belief and one real danger. The mistaken belief is that we’re discussing selling your organs while you live–like donating blood for cash, a la Midnight Cowboy. Poor people would line up to trade a kidney for the rent. I’m sure there are many… Read more

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