Interpreting the Bible Ethically: The Case of King David

What David did (in particular the infamous story about him and Bathsheba), many of our national leaders have done, and what happened to David has happened to lots of politicians. It would be quite plausible to suggest that the stories about David were at least partially composed with this audience of rulers and government officials [Read More...]

Thank You, Blogger! Now You Can Be Notified Via E-Mail Of Subsequent Comments!

Blogger seems to have added a feature that allows you to be e-mailed when there are follow-ups to your comments. This is good news! May it turn this blog into the forum for ongoing discussion that I have always hoped it might be! [Read more...]


A couple of other blogs I read regularly have mentioned some of the surprising keywords that brought visitors to their blog (one of the more tame, but nonetheless interesting, sets of keywords was “Jesus please remove the evil from my PC“). I doubt that those same people would have happened across my own blog through [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (J. K. Rowling)

“I don’t take any responsibility for the lunatic fringes of my own religion” (J. K. Rowling). This is from an press conference in which she discusses the Christian imagery and background to the Harry Potter series. [Read more...]

Creatio ex nihilo

The doctrine of creation out of nothing is an interesting point of divergence between Jewish and Christian theism as usually defined today, and proponents of views such as process theology. Ken Schenck, in a recent blog entry, recognizes that the doctrine is not strictly Biblical, and enters the Christian tradition later (and the Jewish tradition [Read More...]

The Music Delusion

I just have to share this wonderful parody of the arguments of The God Delusion, applying them to music. I know some of you love a good parody as much as I do. Enjoy! [Read more...]

More From The Middle

I am starting to think that the blogosphere may have some form of intelligence or higher order of organization. It seems like disparate blogs intersect on the same theme around the same time. Yesterday I noticed this in relation to my post on the incarnation. Today I’ve found several people have mentioned ideas related to [Read More...]

The Radical Middle

I never thought I’d say this, but America might be better off if it had more prominent Fascist and Communist parties. In most European countries there are more than two parties that have a serious chance of having someone represented to parliament or an equivalent representative body, and the prime minister is usually the representative [Read More...]

Is the Incarnation part of Christianity’s core?

In discussing Philip Kitcher’s book with other faculty, one colleague referred to the ‘core of Christianity’. When I asked what the core consisted of, the two things he mentioned were incarnation and resurrection. To many, these might seem like absolute essentials, without which one is not dealing with anything that could be called “Christianity”. This [Read More...]

Authorial Intention

What is the role of an author’s intent in the interpretation of texts? As J. K. Rowling has weighed in on the details of the latest Harry Potter film (currently in production), this has been used to illustrate the broader interpretative issue, from the Constitution to the Bible. Let me also share the Free Rice [Read More...]

The Blog vs. The Book: Smackdown

Why blog? This is a question I am sure that many bloggers’ spouses ask them and/or themselves. In the case of academic bloggers there can be a further question: Why not spend this time writing a book. I have never seen the two as antithetical to one another (and still don’t). On the contrary, I [Read More...]