This Post May Cause Some Readers to Stumble

It is only recently that I have discovered how useful and interesting some of the popular sites for sharing web links can be. StumbleUpon is one which has had a button representing it on my blog posts for some time. But I didn’t pay that much attention, until I noticed that an initial foray into using it resulted in more than 2,500 people liking the post “Best Exam Answer Ever.” And so I will be using StumbleUpon more regularly, both as a way of sharing my own posts from here, but also helping to share posts from other blogs I read. For those of us who earn something, however small, as a result of visits to our site, having large number of readers who subscribe to the blog’s feed may generate very few recorded hits, which is usually the basis for calculating income. And so if those who enjoy a post take the time to actually click through and visit the site and click on a link to indicate that they like it on Facebook, send it to Twitter, or share it to StumbleUpon or Reddit, it can have real implications for the blogger!

To that end, I now have a presence on StumbleUpon, using the same nickname as for my Twitter feed: ReligionProf. I hope to connect with some of you there – if this post causes you to “Stumble”!  :-)

I have also added a new set of buttons for sharing blog posts. There is obviously no need to have all of them. And so I would encourage regular readers to try out different buttons for sharing over the coming days and weeks, and let me know which ones are the most useful/interesting. Then I can keep those and pare down the others.

As always, thanks for reading!

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