Prada Perfect Mind

Via a review of Elaine Pagels’ latest book, Revelations, in The New Yorker, I learned of a Prada perfume commercial featuring text from one of the Gnostic works found at Nag Hammadi, “Thunder, Perfect Mind.” Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

I truly wonder what the ancient author and early readers of the text would make of its use in a video such as this one – with jazz playing in the background.

There is an online article looking at this instance as an example of the influence of Gnostic feminine theology on contemporary poetry and culture.

  • Judy Redman

    See also
    Romance and Danger at Nag Hammadi by Maia Kotrosits in the latest edition of The Journal of Bible and Critical Theory Vol 8, No 1 (2012)

  • Pitch

    Pagels is an atheist.  You can’t trust her.

    Atheists are liars, everyone already knows that God exists.

    • James F. McGrath

      Pagels isn’t an atheist, but that is besides the point. It is not atheists who are inherently untrustworthy, it is anonymous internet commenters.

  • Pitch

    And closet atheists.