Before or After the Meek Inherit the Earth?

Today’s Speed Bump cartoon intersects with two interests of mine – the Bible and science fiction. It alludes to the beatitudes, and hints that the fulfillment of Jesus’ saying regarding the meek inheriting the Earth might leave us prone to invasion by aliens in ways that we aren’t at present. It is a funny and unconventional angle on an all-too-familiar phrase, and thus one that could lead to interesting discussions about the beatitudes, meekness, self-defense, expectations regarding the future, and much else.

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  • beau_quilter


    As the resident biblical scholar, is “meek” the best translation for the greek word in Matthew 5 or the Hebrew word in Psalms 37?

    • James F. McGrath

      The Greek word is listed in the Liddell and Scott lexicon as meaning meek, mild, or gentle.

      Weiser suggests that the term in the psalm might denote “the humiliated” indicating the situation in that time of those the author of the psalm views as righteous.

      • beau_quilter

        Thank you. “Humiliated” seems to suggest that the meek have already been conquered. I guess this is part of the motif of captives returning to Israel (inheriting the earth).

        • James F. McGrath

          Perhaps. But whatever the specific background, it seems to reflect the eschatological hope that those currently humiliated, defeated, conquered would see a reversal of their situation when the kingdom of God dawned.