One of my very favorite things about church is communion.  I’m always moved by the steady flow of people; all shapes and sizes, embodying so much joy, grief, wonder, questions, longings and hope, coming forward week after week to be fed at the table.  The bread and the wine Jesus shared with his friends a reminder of his love for us and presence with us, and our interconnectedness to all.  I’m always struck by the audacity of the invitation to “come,” whoever we are, in whatever state we find ourselves, to be a part of the feast.  To be God’s friend at the table.

When considering the new group blog of the Mainline Protestant Portal, I had this vision of a table, where people representing the many faces of the Christian faith would gather for conversation and be nourished.  There would be pastors, parents, scholars, laypeople, artists, spiritual directors, seekers, young and old alike, with various theological leanings and church backgrounds, all sharing stories of communion with God, self and the other.  They’d come with their convictions as well as their questions and all would be welcome.  In this feast of voices, we’d all glean something of what it means to be vibrant, hopeful people of faith in an ever-changing world.

So come to the table.  Eat, drink and partake in the mystery of the Christ who is always with us and calling us to new life – not just for ourselves, but for the whole world.  All are welcome.

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