Holy Spirit Hip Hop and U2charists

In honor of the celebration of Pentecost, we invited a dozen of our favorite theobloggers to consider the question:  “How is the Spirit Moving in the World Today?” And to make it more challenging, we asked them to answer in 100 Words or Less.  Up first:  Monica Coleman.

when we put the gospel

to hip hop

and host u2charists,

when we share the church building

with the Korean congregation,

when we preach against homophobia

when we break bread

with jews and muslims,

when the teenagers lead worship

on a regular Sunday (not just youth day)

when we invoke the ancestors

and learn from their lives,

when we live at the borders

offering water to those in the desert

harbor to those in danger

and community when we don’t fit in. . .

it is then that we speak in tongues

Monica Coleman is Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religions at Claremont School of Theology and blogs at Beautiful Mind Blog.

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