13 Things I Like About Protestant Christians

Over at the Pagan Portal, the very funny Starr Foster just posted  a list of 13 things she likes about Protestants, from the Tudors on Showtime to tithing … definitely check it out!  While she notes that Pagans and Protestants might be sitting the furthest apart at any given table, she manages to find some heartfelt common ground.  I don’t know about you, but her inspired list makes me proud to be a Protestant (except maybe the Tudors bit) … what do you think?  It’s always fun to see and appreciate one’s faith again through another’s eyes…

Now to think of 13 things I like about Pagans … hmmm, dancing, for one!   And loving the earth, for two … care to add to my list?   If you need some ideas, pop over to the Pagan Portal and learn a bit more about what these folks believe and discuss … that’s what it’s all about here at Patheos.

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