Nadia Bolz-Weber: This is the God We’re Dealing With

Favorite Patheos blogger and Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber recently spoke to 34,000 teenagers at the annual youth gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) in New Orleans.  Her selection as a conference speaker had been widely contested (Nadia has a tendency to drop the F bomb and is heavily tatooed), but ultimately she was invited to take the stage and offer a 20-minute message.

I invite you to take a minute and listen to what she said to these Christian teens, and see what you think.  Personally, I think God knew exactly who to send …

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  • Tim

    How widely was her presence contested? I know our youth were inspired by the Gospel through her!

  • Sheryl

    Our kids gained something else: humble Lutheran pride. Her message that Lutherans are different in meaningful ways lifted them up and got them really looking at their faith. Our group of 42 kids attend a dozen different high schools. They are the minority faith in their schools. They don’t have a group identity as Lutherans, or they didn’t until they heard Nadia.

  • Steven Geske

    Yes! Being Lutheran isn’t SAYING what Luther said. It is DOING what Luther did.

    I was a Lutheran Pastor for 20 years and enjoyed the love and friendship of many dear people along the way. I left because I saw the church was not being the agent of real and needed change in our society. It was the tail on the dog of our culture – mostly the guardian of the status quo.

    Nadia’s authentic presence makes me hopeful. May the Spirit of Life and renewal blow over us all.

    • David Aaker

      Thanks Steve, I was there. Our kids heard and loved her deeply. She was the number 1 speaker at the Gathering. The best Lutheran theology I have heard spoken for some time. What a challenge to the church!

  • Kimberly


  • Brooks Gardner

    Nadia is one of the most dynamic ministers in America. She definitely is one of my heroines. Oft times I wish that I was closer to Denver so that I could hear her speak in person. Her message is not just Lutheran. It encompasses the whole of Reformed Christianity.

    God bless her!