Following the Holy Nomad: A Video Interview with Author Matt Litton

Do not look for rest in any
pleasure, because you were
not created for pleasure: you
were created for joy. And if you
do not know the difference
between pleasure and joy you
have not yet begun to live.
–Thomas Merton

Merton’s is one of the many wonderful quotes that open each chapter in Matt Litton’s new book on the spiritual journey, The Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy. Offering a meditation of sorts on what real life, real joy is, Litton, an author and English teacher, draws us in with his own personal experience of feeling trapped in the basement of his life to reflect on the holy invitation toward true freedom and joy.

We had a chance to discuss Matt’s book, and the nomadic journey he believes we’re all called to take, last week via Skype. Listen in as Matt shares more about his own journey, the ‘crash’ moment that set him “free,” and why it’s so difficult to break out of the cells we become imprisoned in.

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