Fear keeps no track of the statistical likelihood
That the boogeyman’ll getcha.
It doesn’t listen to arguments against itself.
It mortifies with mights,
It incarcerates with coulds,
It what-ifs you till you’re stiff
Till you’re droned by don’ts
Remote-controlled with can’ts
Security-fenced with fright.
Fear’s a fever of the imagination,
Extra heartbeats of anticipation
Leading to anti-participation.
Fear makes you crazier than safer,
Not worth the
protection you pay for.
Fear’s what you feel about what you don’t know
That prevents you from knowing.
Gangsters won’t go to the
woods for fear of the deer,
Lumberjacks won’t go to the city for fear of the gangsters.
Fear makes you vote for politicians
Who are scarier than what you’re afraid of.
Fright starts wars
That are scarier than what started the fight.
But the thing that’s gonna getcha
You can’t predict, I’m gonna betcha.
So next time fear thump-thumps under your bed,
Next time fear gets a hold of your head,
Stare it down with a frown,
Flush it down till it drowns,
Laugh its ass off
And kiss it goodbye.

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