Global Violence Against Women and Girls: Weep with Me and Then Work with Me

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a live chat on the new book The Cross and Gendercide: A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls by Elizabeth Gerhardt. The compelling and timely conversation featured Gerhardt, a theology and social ethics professor, and guests Shayne Moore (author, blogger, activist), Kyle Roberts (author, blogger and professor) and Alisa Roadcup (executive director of Heshima Kenya). The recording of our conversation is below. I strongly encourage you to watch it and learn more about how the issue of global violence against women and girls can be seen as a theological issue, and as such, worthy of much more attention — and a different quality of attention — from the Church and its flock that it currently receives.

What you won’t see on the video is me, just after ending the recording, weeping. I have not been so moved by a conversation in quite a long time. The heartbreaking and serious nature of the conversation and the insights, passion and graciousness of the guests completely undid me. Tears, as they say, are a gift from God, and this conversation was truly that for me. I hope you will watch our discussion and weep along with me — and then, more importantly, go and become an advocate for ending violence against women and girls around the world in your own community.

For more conversation on – and to read an excerpt from — The Cross and Gendercide, visit the Patheos Book Club here. 

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