Mimetic Mondays: The Battle for Ukraine and the Peace of Christ

Three months ago, the Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych sided with Russia and against the European Union. Since then, we’ve witnessed a crisis unfold in Ukraine. Ukraine’s loyalties are split down its geographical middle, with the western half wanting to join the Union and the eastern half claiming loyalty to Russia. After weeks of protests and [Read More…]

Mimetic Mondays: Christianity 21 Talk: Mimetic Theory and the Nonviolent God

(Mimetic Theory and the Nonviolent God was delivered at the Christianity 21 Conference in Denver as part of the conference’s 7-21 Talks. Participants have 21 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds, which equals 7 minutes. The talk describes why mimetic theory is essential to the future of Christianity. The text is below. For more on mimetic theory and [Read More…]

Mimetic Mondays: 2013 Scandals – Attraction, Repulsion, and the Top 5 Ways to Become Scandal-less in 2014

As defined by mimetic theory, scandal gives offense and arouses indignation. Mimetic theory spells out its interactive core, involving a complex or structure of interpersonal relations that extends to all levels of social organization. From the Greek word meaning “stumbling block,” scandal names the offense that our conduct gives to others and that insidiously trips [Read More…]