Hellbound? on Halloween: A Live Chat with Director Kevin Miller about Mimetic Theory and Hell

Who would you like to see bound to Hell to suffer eternal conscious torment? Okay, it’s a petty question, but we’ve all thought about our enemies suffering eternally in hell. There’s a particular, albeit vulgar, satisfaction in imagining certain people who have wronged us suffering the horrors of hell. Something in us yearns for justice [Read More…]

Politics and Mimetic Theory: Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and the Search for a Common Enemy

This morning on the Today Show, co-host Savannah Guthrie interviewed Dick Cheney about his heart condition, the Tea Party, and the Republican Party role in the government shut down. Cheney’s remarks on the government shutdown caught my attention, especially from the viewpoint of mimetic theory. Guthrie began the interview by stating that, “A lot of [Read More…]

Video Interview with Author David Dawson: Violence, Atonement, and the Scapegoat: The History of an Idea

René Girard has said that his entire mimetic theory “has existed silently in common language”, hidden in plain sight we might say, in the modern usage of the word scapegoat. First coined by William Tyndale to refer to the goat who escapes being sacrificed in the atonement liturgy recounted in Leviticus 16, the (es)caped goat has figured prominently [Read More…]