The Wake of Baltimore


By Mike Baughman The wake of a young man gave birth to stones flung from the hands of desperation. Death calls us to wake as we roll around in the waves that sweep across a nation. In the wake of Baltimore we wake to questions. Could we invest less in demonizing color, less in demonizing [Read More...]

The Haunting: A Poem about the ‘Doctrine of Discovery’

Randy Woodley

The Doctrine of Discovery is a little known aspect of our Christian history. A tragic example of the justification of conquest and the theft of land and resources from indigenous people’s around the globe. Many Christian bloggers have recently come together to raise awareness about the continuing legal and moral consequences of our this doctrine. It is [Read More...]

#Whoselivesmatter and #racism, Matthew and Luke, You and Me


by Brandon Gilvin In August of 2014, not long after Mike Brown was shot in Ferguson, MO, and much of that town erupted in protest, I noticed a clear division among my social media contacts. It wasn’t so much a “Pro-Brown/Pro-Wilson” divide, though I did see the debate manifesting in that way. What I was [Read More...]