Obama’s Biblical Budget

President Obama’s vision of America follows the spirit of the Hebraic prophets, who proclaimed that a famine of hearing the word of God is a result of our failure to hear the cries of the poor. [Read more…]

Rob Bell’s Universalism?

Once more evangelicals are fighting among each other.  And Rob Bell’s Love Wins is the source of this new controversy.  Is Bell a universalist – heaven forbid! – or one for whom the fires of hell and the warmth of heaven are really the same reality, depending on whether or not we trust the love [Read More…]

Draw the Circle Wide: St. Patty’s Day Spirituality

St. Patrick’s Day can be an opportunity to reflect on God’s presence in your life. You can take some time today, and each day, to draw a sacred circle around yourself. You can chant Patrick’s words whenever you are feeling at risk or anxious. They are a reminder that God is your companion in all your adventures. [Read more…]