Monday Morning Meditation: Twists and Turns of the Labyrinth

The twists and turns of the labyrinth, at one moment walking straight towards the centre and then suddenly turning towards the perimeter, reminded me that there are times well into our Christian journey when we feel we are back to our starting point. [Read more…]

Hope in the Midst of Despair: God is Digging a Tunnel

On Saturday afternoon, I was almost in tears after hearing on NPR that the long awaited breakthrough to the Chilean miners trapped since August has been made. ┬áTheir rescue is still some days away, but the hope this breakthrough represents is huge. ┬áThere is so much bad news reported in the press that I think [Read More…]

Prayers for Connecting to the Land

Summer is well underway, the garden continues to flourish and I am taking time to sit back and enjoy the harvest – not just the harvest of tomatoes and squash that are burgeoning in abundance, but also the harvest of beauty and of peace. This is the season when we all feel like sitting back and relaxing. And I recommend that everyone make sure that they do just that. [Read more…]