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Deborah Arca is the Director of Content at Patheos.

13 Simple Ideas for Becoming Human Again


There’s nothing like a campaign season to remind us of the worst of humanity. It’s not unusual to catch a bit of a stump speech and think, is that person part of the same human race that I am? This week it’s Ann Coulter stumping for Donald Trump, and while I try not to give [Read More...]

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Video Q&A on Spiritual Healing with Reba Riley


“Whatever is bringing you light, and life, and joy, move toward that. That’s God. We’re told that God is love, over and over, so move toward that love, however that looks like in your life. And whatever’s getting in the way of your search for that love, let it go.”– Reba Riley, author, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome [Read More...]

Why I’m a Christian, Still


The relentless religious decline of my fellow Americans doesn’t really surprise me — even as I am one who loves the church, claims it as my spiritual home, and wonders why people don’t “get it” the way do. It’s just that I know too many perfectly wonderful people – friends, family, colleagues – who simply hold zero [Read More...]