SFTS Preachers Retreat Renews both Mind and Spirit

Sam HP

Several years ago, before I moved to Denver and began working at Patheos, I had the great privilege of serving as the Program Manager for the Programs In Christian Spirituality at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in Northern California. Among the many life-giving (and life-changing) programs we hosted was a continuing ed event called Before [Read More...]

How I’m Preaching the Resurrection


Easter morning approaches, bringing with it a fresh opportunity — and challenge — to unpack the mystery of the Resurrection to an alternately curious, skeptical and hopeful world. Here’s how a few of our Patheos bloggers plan to preach it this Sunday. [Let us know how you're planning to preach (or would preach) the Resurrection [Read More...]

The Future of Seminary Education: Admit What We Don’t Know

As we head into our final week of our Symposium on the Future of Seminary Education, we offer a few last perspectives for your pondering. Perhaps one of the wisest thus far, and a fitting piece to conclude with, is from David Lose, professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary and one of the founders of WorkingPreacher.org. He invites us to a piece of humble pie in Thriving Seminaries Admit What They Don’t Know, contending: “It’s at the edges of our knowledge, the places where we recognize and embrace what we don’t yet know, that the potential for salutary learning and growth is greatest.” [Read more...]