St. Augustine on Syria

Christianity has concerned itself with matters of war and peace for almost its entire history. The one unifying assumption of the faith has been that war is terrible and is to be avoided assiduously. There has always been a part of Christianity that has rejected war absolutely, considering participation in it to be completely contrary [Read More…]

Syria: Groupthink or Grouppray?

With morbid fascination, I’m watching the leaders of the United States groupthink their way into a counterproductive use of American military force.  It’s disturbing to observe otherwise intelligent and well-motivated public servants drift into a bad decision. If I’ve learned anything in my 60 years as a citizen of this country, it’s this:  I don’t [Read More…]

Dying for a Drink

(an excerpt from SOULJOURN, my new novel)   We worked all day.  Dad and Rachel were on one team, Father Crespi and I were on another, refilling tanks, cleaning up trash around them, and placing new ones.  Five new blue flags, marking the new tanks, waved defiantly against the demon of thirst, and fluttered in [Read More…]