The Resolutions of Jesus


Traditionally this is a time to learn from our mistakes and commit ourselves to do differently in the new year. I wonder what resolutions Jesus would have made? For some, it may seem shocking to suggest that Jesus had room for self-improvement. But it’s hard to miss his sins if you read the New Testament [Read More...]

The Consciousness of Christmas

This past Saturday night, my wife Roberta and I stood with a group of people on Hollywood Boulevard, holding flickering candles. Passers-by might have assumed we were Christmas caroling. But we were holding a vigil for the children and adults massacred in Newtown, Connecticut last week. Roberta organized the event earlier in the day, via [Read More...]

Changing Actions, Changing Hearts

(My wife Roberta and I hope that THIS IS MY SONG will be sung at Obama’s 2nd inauguration in January. It’s “a song of peace for their land and for mine” – just the message America needs to hear, and that the world needs to hear from America. “Like” our Facebook page if you agree!) [Read More...]