St. John of the Cross, the Spanish mystical priest of the 16th century, drew a map of the soul’s journey, and entitled it The Ascent of Mt. Carmel. ┬áThe path up the mountain was marked with the words “nada nada nada nada”. ┬áHis was the “via negativa”, the way of negation that led to direct [Read More…]

Opening the Heart: an excerpt from my new Patheos Press novel, SOULJOURN

An excerpt from SOULJOURN, my new novel (Chapter 6): I went home, said goodnight to Dad, and went to bed. The moonlight bathed my bedroom. The silence seemed to beg to be filled. I opened the bedroom window and leaned out and looked up at Cobre Mountain, faintly glowing in the white light. I felt [Read More…]

Wonderbolts of Thunderment

(See the study guide for my new novel, SOULJOURN, here…. the novel invites readers to explore the religions of the world in their own “back yards”.) Updrafts from the Rio Grande Valley pounded a white anvil against the stratosphere as the jet moaned over New Mexico while I looked out the window. I’d just finished [Read More…]