The First Year of the Pope’s Revolution

A year ago — March 13, 2013 – Pope Francis officially became Pope. Since then he has fascinated the world.  He didn’t don the snazzy red shoes and fancy papal attire. He chose a humble apartment rather than the posh papal palace. He washed the feet of women in prison.  He touched folks that others [Read More...]

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day. As much as I like the chocolate — and hope my wife gets me some today (fair-trade organic chocolate, of course) — Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about chocolate, hearts, and roses. He was a priest in Rome  in the 3rd century — who was brutally executed. Valentine was known for assisting [Read More...]

14 Hopes for 2014

Shane Claiborne 2_opt

Each year I remix some of my hopes and dreams for the New Year, bringing some of last year along, and adding a few new ones… I realize this will become cumbersome in a few years.  Nonetheless, here’s the latest remix, 14 Hopes for 2014: 1)  SQUASH NEGATIVITY.  I commit to shut down murmuring and [Read More...]