Last Friday’s Evangelical Conference Call

On Friday, May 11, 2012 the Obama Campaign held an evangelical conference call to talk about the values that the Democratic Party holds themselves to. This conference call included Rev. Derrick Harkins, the leader of faith outreach for the Democratic National Committee; J. R. Kerr, an evangelical pastor from Park Community Church in Chicago; Rod Snyder, the president of Young Democrats of America, and I was able to speak on behalf of young evangelical Christians.

This conference call took place the day before Governor Romney gave the commencement speech at conservative Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The main goal for this conference call was to talk about where President Obama and Governor Romney stands when talking about the values that are important to them and the American people. Some of the values that were talked about during this call were: loving your neighbor, being your brother’s and sister’s keeper, opportunity and dignity for everyone, and looking out for the common good of every American. “We think it’s important to make clear where the President stands on core values issues that are important to faithful Americans,” said Rev. Derrick Harkins.

When looking at what the 2012 election will be like, there will be a great focus on people of faith. At the National Prayer Breakfast that took place in February President Obama made this statement, “faith and values play an enormous role in motivating us to solve some of our biggest problems” but even Mitt Romney understands that both a person’s faith and their values will be one of the main things that will help them decide who they will vote for on election day.

One of the main things that this call did was to focus on the values of Americans and people of faith to show that President Obama not only understands but he also holds himself to those same values as well.

One of the main reasons that I am in support of President Obama is because the policy that he has put into place does in fact reflect both justice and compassion for everyone and not just one group of people.

When we look at the ministry of Jesus, he cared for people and he served the people. One of the main points that I made on this call was that we should want someone in office that is looking out for the interests of every American and Obama has done just that; through the DREAM Act, health care, credit cards, the economy, and believing that with hard work everyone should be able to have a seat at the table.

One thing that everyone on this call agreed on was the fact that we support a president that has made bold moves in order to insure that everyone has equality. With President Obama, we know what he stands for and that is the American people. Rod Snyder makes this statement…“it’s hard to know what Governor Romney stands for because he’s changed his position so many times on issues like environmental protection, rights for immigrants and access to affordable health care, that it’s hard to keep track.”

This call also took a short look at Governor Mitt Romney and what some of his plans would be if ever elected into office. Here are some of the ones that was pointed out: he would end Medicare, he would repeal Obamacare, he would take money from the middle class through the raising of taxes, and he would return to economic policies that has failed this nation in the past….just to name a few. The focus on this conference call was not to say what Mitt Romney will or will not do BUT it was to reaffirm that President Obama as an amazing track record of his clear commitment to this nation and to every American when it comes to both faith and values.

One of the main things that I was able to take away from this call was that there are many people of faith that will be supporting President Obama in the upcoming election and even after Mitt Romney speech at Liberty University; they will continue to fight for every vote. People of faith and faith based groups will put up a good fight because they are fighting for their values and for a President who has shown his dedication to them in the past three year while being in office.

As an Evangelical Christian and also a student at conservative Liberty University, I believe Obama will be able to gain more faith-based votes. As J.R. Kerr pointed out on this call, “the Romney-Ryan budget, quote, “failed the basic moral test” of protecting and not undermining the needs of poor and vulnerable people.”

This was a very successful conference call for the Democratic Party because it was able to give a great picture of the core values that our President hold himself and this nation to and it was able to show that Mitt Romney has shown no commitment to people less along to their faith or values.

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