Happy New Year — We’re Back!

After a bit of a hiatus, I am happy to announce that Faithful Democrats is back in action. Moving forward, I want to give thanks to our old readers who have found us again and to the new ones that are just now stumbling onto our site.

In 2014, we hope to use Faithful Democrats to create a space for Christians and other people of faith to discuss, debate, and think deeply about progressive policy and ideals. Most of us who will be writing are, in fact, faithful Democrats. Some, though, will be people of faith who do not identify as Democrats or progressives, but believe in the importance of dialogue. We welcome these posts, as they will add depth and perspective to our ongoing discussion.

Expect a few posts a month from us; and do comment! We want to know what you all think.

So Patheos, thanks for having us. We’re thrilled to be back and look forward to engaging once again with this vibrant community.

The Faithful Democrats Team

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