The Obamney Religion Problem, Part II

If the 2012 Republican primary campaign is remembered for one thing, it must be the near constant rise and fall of the “non-Romney.”   It began with the unlikeliest of challengers: Michele Bachmann. A staunchly conservative Tea Party congresswoman, Bachmann ascended to the summit of the Iowa Straw Poll before dropping like a rock out [Read More…]

You Need More than a Fishing Permit

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”   So goes the familiar proverb. It is one that has become deeply entrenched in our national ethos, and lately, the pithy maxim has found its way into our political discourse in [Read More…]

What Today Truly Means

  In the coming days, the headlines will assign blame and credit for today’s historic ruling by the Supreme Court. The pundits on cable news will continue to peddle the rat race of modern presidential campaigns, turning every minute and meaningless poll result into a sound bite for who’s ahead and who’s behind.    Before [Read More…]

Putting Politics Before People

By labeling President Obama’s efforts to increase access to healthcare for the uninsured as “socialist,” the Republican Party has made the case that we have no collective obligation to the least well off among us. [Read more…]

Why the Ryan Budget is a Values Issue

If recent weeks are any indication, the Republicans hope to make this election season all about values. And, considering the President’s record of job creation and economic growth, the Republicans’ strategy may be the only option. But, if the GOP wants to talk about values, I propose they take a critical look at Paul Ryan’s [Read More…]