FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: Amber Rose Says She Doesn’t Smoke Pot Because She’s Christian

Model Amber Rose, who is dating/possibly engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa, recently did a radio show interview in Atlanta where the topic of drugs came up. Amber said that her mother and Wiz get along well and smoke pot together. When Amber was asked if she ever partakes, she demurred, saying “I’m a Christian.” While I totally get that some people aren’t into drugs, I don’t really think marijuana comes in the Bible at all. And if she’s such a Christian that she can’t smoke pot, what’s her stance on all those nude or almost-nude photoshoots? And is it okay for her moral code that she is in a relationship with someone who smokes weed, even if she personally is against it? So many questions!

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  • Eileen Nguyen

    That’s really weird. “I’m a Christian” as an explanation doesn’t mean “I don’t smoke weed.” In fact, unless you tell me what type of Christian you are, all that I’m getting from “Christian” is “I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life for the salvation of mankind.” Which doesn’t involve any kind of allusion to marijuana.