Kat Dennings is ‘A Billion Percent Jewish’

Kat Dennings, who first hit big as Michael Cera‘s love interest in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and now stars in breakout sitcom 2 Broke Girls, is representing Judaism in her life and career. In 2008, she told the Jewish Journal that she considers herself “a billion percent Jewish.” Though she identifies with Judaism culturally and socially, she doesn’t regularly attend synagogue or observe holidays. “It’s a background thing, but I’m proud to be Jewish,” she added.

While there isn’t some massive shortage of Jews in the entertainment industry or anything, it’s nice to see Dennings representing a young, cool, dare-I-say-hipster version of Judaism. There are plenty of young Jews who consider Judaism a part of their identity but don’t necessarily care for the religion aspect, and she represents that demographic nicely. And if Natalie Portman decides to keep taking a break from movies to raise her son, it’s good to have a replacement waiting in the wings.

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  • brumbia

    I think Kat Dennings will be more of a TV star than the next Natalie Portman.

    Logan Lerman could be the male version of Natalie Portman.

  • Pick a name

    I would say she has more Irish in the girl than Jewish any day!

  • John

    Kat Denning’s acting in “2 Broke Girls” is awful! She was much better in the movies I’ve seen her in. It is almost comically bad enough to watch… almost.