Here’s the Inevitable Jewish Version of ‘Shit Girls Say’

The last two weeks have been a perfect illustration of the life of an internet meme:

1. Somebody makes a thing (in this case, a video called “Shit Girls Say”)

2. Thing goes viral

3. Thing goes really viral, like to the point where your technologically-challenged grandmother has heard about it from CBS evening news or a telegram or something

4. People begin making their own versions of thing (ex. “Shit Black Girls Say”)

5. People respond to the responses (such as “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls,” – full disclosure, I am friends with the chick who made that one and think she’s brill, so I’m clearly biased)

6. Time passes

7. Time passes

8. Someone makes Jewish version of said popular thing

And with that, I present “Shit Christians Say to Jews.”

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