Some People Are Really Hung Up on the ‘Blue Ivy Is Satan’ Thing

Although most people who read the weirdo conspiracy “Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s baby is the devil” thing the other day laughed it off as absurd, some are refusing to let it go. A church in West End, NC (Note: I’m from NC and had never heard of this place, so I had to look up where it is. It’s near Pinecrest, which basically means it’s not near anything.) has put up this sign claiming that lil’ Blue Ivy Carter is Satan. I’d say they were ripping off the plot of Rosemary’s Baby, but I am pretty sure they’re not allowed to watch that movie.

That said, doesn’t this thing kind of look like it was made by the Church Sign Generator?

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  • The article does say that the church claims the sign was vandalized. I wonder why all the hate for this baby and her parents is so wide spread, though? I’ve heard all kinds of things about this birth, from she was faking her pregnancy, to they bought a baby… I’m not a huge fan of either, but seems like folks should just let them be.