Some People On Twitter Think Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby Is a Satanist

Yesterday, superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their first child, a girl they named Blue Ivy Carter (Carter is Jay-Z’s real last name). While I was more preoccupied with wondering whether Blue Ivy sounded more like a rare plant or a porn star, apparently a bunch of Christians on Twitter thought that the name was clearly a reference to Satanism.

When the baby’s name was first reported, several outlets misidentified her as Ivy Blue. That prompted a Twitter topic to emerge. Says Charisse Van Horn, who blogs about Christian topics for, “The suggestion is that “Ivy Blue” backwards is “Eulb Yvi,” and means “Lucifer’s daughter” in Latin. Another proposal is that Blue stands for “Born Living Under Evil” and that Ivy stands for “Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”

This isn’t the first time that Jay-Z has been accused of having ties to the Illuminati. His video for “On to the Next One” (posted above) contained black-and-white imagery, skulls, and allusions to Death. The belief is so pervasive that a search for the video’s name on YouTube autofills to “On to the Next One Illuminati.”

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  • Parodyse
  • Lady GreenFlame


  • Crystal Dawn

    Maybe Jay Z is really a Thelemite.

  • AIA

    He and his wife are Thelemites not Illuminati, as are most that claim such in the Music Scene, its just a spin off cult of Aleister Crowley. They claim to be Illuminated but that’s are following the Inverted Path.