‘Book of Mormon’ Wants Tim Tebow In the Audience

I don’t follow any sports (with the weird exception of the Olympics, which I categorize as a reality show), but even I had heard that Christian QB Tim Tebow was switching teams and joining the New York Jets. Although the team plays in New Jersey, his proximity to the Big Apple has plenty of businesses hoping for a Tebow-related boost and delis all over town are coming up with Tebow-related sandwich names.

There’s one surprising offer for Tebow, though: The Book of Mormon. The megahit Broadway show wants Tebow to come check out the show, and they sweetened the deal by offering him an onstage cameo. What is this, Spamalot?

Still, considering how hard it is to get Book of Mormon tickets, Tebow may want to take the play up on its offer. And he could probably find some cute Hollywood starlet to go as his date.


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