Alec Baldwin Accuses Paparazzo of Being Raped By a Priest

Actor Alec Baldwin has made no secret of his hate for paparazzi photographers (or, as Page Six calls them, “fotogs”). He has gotten in altercations with photographers in the past, and yesterday he upped the ante a little bit. Baldwin yelled at a photographer who was getting a photo of him and fiancee Hilaria Thomas and began screaming “I know you got raped by a priest. Now shut the f-k up and get out of here.” This kind of reminds me of when Jenna Elfman got mad at someone wearing an anti-Scientology shirt and screamed at them “What crimes have you committed?” and asked if they’d ever raped a baby. Good times.

Before you accuse Baldwin of making a joke about the Catholic church, keep in mind that he is in fact Catholic. He and Thomas are getting married today at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. So, um, congrats? I look forward to hearing what other creative religious insults he hurls at anyone who whips out their cell phone during the ceremony.

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