Benji Schwimmer Announces He Is a Gay Mormon

Benji Schwimmer, the dancer and choreographer best known for winning the second season of So You Think You Can Dance and for being the brother of Dancing with the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer, has come out. He also says that he remains deeply committed to his Mormon faith and does not consider the two things contradictory. The news came via a five and a half hour long interview for the “Mormon Stories” web series (the same one Brandon Flowers was involved with earlier). The full interview is below.

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  • HahaNiceTry

    It’s obvious that whoever wrote this blip has any idea what mormon stories is all about nor watched the interview. Almost 100% off the information here is incorrect.

  • I agree with the one comment listed. Did the person that wrote this blip bother to watch the video or find out what Mormon Stories is all about. May you should get your facts right! Saying that, I did watch the video and know what Mormons stories is. I am also a Mormon. Benji you are incredible!

  • pretap

    Since he left the Mormons, how does he feel about what ‘the Bible’ says about homosexuality? I ask because when most come out and leave their religions, God and Jesus are put on the back burner as well. It seems that while they were ‘in the church’, God and Jesus Christ were their priorities, but once they leave all of this vanishes.

    • Orson41

      @ Pretap; exactly what does “God” say about planting two differnt crops beside one another? About wearing a garment of two different threads or about eating shellfish? If the insidious and insane cherry picking by so-called “Christians” who ignore that Jesus NEVER said a word about homosexuality but DID clearly and vehemently despise divorce continue to spew such hatred and hypocrisy toward Gay folks while they accept those who have divorved and re-marry into the church, then they will erode the legitimacy of what the ‘word of God’ stands for. Quit your judging and try and decipher what true Biblical Scholars have to say. I’ve heard too many so-called Christians rail against homosexuality as they cite Leviticus, THEN when all the other insane rules they ignore are brought to the fore, they say, well ‘those rules’ don’t apply because that was before Jesus brought Grace so now we use the New Testament. Pick a book, folks, you can’t have it both ways unless your goal is to spew hatred and judge others so you can feel good about your own perceived failings in the eyes of the Lord.

      • Debow26

        Well said Orson41…

      • pretap

        ‘You’ can say whatever ‘you’ want to me, and pull Scriptures out of context, but you’re still NOT proving anything here. What God says ‘still’ goes and that’s that. Disagreeing does NOT spell hatred even if ‘your’ warped mind believes it does. ‘You’ are proof that EVERY word God said is ‘true’, even if you never believe it.
        One last time, God Does care about gays, straights, black, white, brown, etc., but SIN will ALWAYS be SIN in the eyes of God. Don’t like it, take it up with Him then and Debow26, the same goes for you.

  • pretap

    The Mormons are a ‘cult’ and it’s really sad that Benji and the others don’t know this by now. His ‘church’ did nothing to help him, for it seems they don’t know what they’re talking about either. We’ll keep him in prayer.

    • Debow26

      Pretap, how nice it must be for you to know nothing about the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. have you ever been to a church service? have you ever talked to any of the missionaries? You must be a soul without a church if you feel you have a right to pass judgement on any religion. Its uneducated idiots like you that drive me nuts…

  • PollyAnna Burnette-Egan

    Mormon Stories is not the same as the LDS put out “I’m a Mormon” campaign. It’s not the same thing the Brandon Flowers did. They’ve got their fact completely wrong. Mormon Stories is now endorsed by the LDS church.