Jonathan Jackson Thanks God In His Daytime Emmy Acceptance Speech

Actor Jonathan Jackson, who has played Lucky Spencer (son of Luke and Laura!) on the soap General Hospital since he was a kid, won the Best Supporting Actor trophy at the Daytime Emmys on Saturday night. Although he won in the same category last year, Jonathan seemed giddy and excited. A devout Greek Orthodox Christian, he also took the opportunity to thank G-d in his acceptance speech. “First of all, I have to give glory and honor to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” he said at the beginning of the speech. After getting in a few more traditional shoutouts (wife, kids, agent, costars, etc), he closed with “Thanks to all the monks on Mt. Athos who are consistently praying for the life of the world.”

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  • I’m not a Christian, so maybe I’m just not hearing this correctly, but I often wonder if it’s proper for celebrities and athletes to thank a deity for their success. I mean, to me it sounds… selfish? As many things are happening in the world, I’m not sure that an all-powerful creator has the time, energy, and inclination to move an athlete or celebrity up in the world but doesn’t have the time to stop wars or feed hungry children. Meh… I’m not offended, I just don’t get it.

    • Matthew Weber

      I’m not getting how you would think it improper or selfish for someone to give thanks to God for his good fortune. I could understand your being angry that God might shower blessings on Jonathan Jackson and not stop wars or feed the hungry, but I don’t understand how Jackson’s behavior is selfish. It seemed to me as though he had the right idea–that in large part his success was the result of the kindness and generosity of others, including God.

    • Valerie Simonson

      Actually, he thanked God for mercy and grace, which he says he is in need of. I mean, of course, as a Christian Ihis life’s path, but as a Christian you should thank God for every trial and hardship as well. Gratefulness for and in spite of circumstance is perhaps the key Orthodox Christian witness, and thanks be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that we have so many saints from every walk of life – from royalty to oppresive poverty – to teach us this.