Priscilla Keller and David Waller Are Expecting a Baby

Priscilla Keller and David Waller, the Duggar family in-laws whose wedding was shown on a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting, are expecting their first child. Because these people are related to the Duggars, their otherwise normal baby announcement had to include a pro-life message about how women should have as many pregnancies as possible no matter the risks:

One of the most precious earthly gifts has been entrusted to us—A child! We are so excited to be expecting our first little one and are praising the Lord for the gift of life. Children really belong to the Lord, but they are entrusted to us for a time.

Questions are buzzing through our minds as we seek the Lord about what we should name it, how we need to prepare, and what it means to be good parents. We are so blessed to have been raised by parents who love the Lord and did their best to raise us in a way that pleases God. In essence, the fact that Priscilla is alive today is a miracle, being that she was born premature and had to be kept at the hospital for some time after her birth. Her parents were strongly advised not to have her because the child right before her was born with spina bifida. Today, you would never know anything of it because health and ability is unhindered.

Following David’s arrival, there were five healthy siblings born, but his mom also had four miscarriages as well. Two of the precious babies miscarried were right after David. David is fifth born and if his parents succumbed to the pressure of the day and only had four children, life would be totally different. We are so grateful that they viewed children as a blessing and not as a burden.

Regardless of what the Lord brings to us, we are super excited because we know that life is a miracle and we are grateful to have a part in raising this little one to love Jesus.

Priscilla broke the news to her husband – how else? – on video.

Congrats to the young couple, and maybe Priscilla can follow in her sister Anna Duggar‘s footsteps by giving birth on a toilet while her husband is taking a nap.

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  • willa

    My skin crawls when I hear David open his mouth. His voice and “sincerity” strikes me as completely untrustworthy and naive.

    • KristiDee


  • Melissa

    I hope this doesn’t come off sounded to mean or offensive however, i used to watch the duggers all the time. My fiance and i loved their show but then they started to come off self righteous and judgmental. I didn’t agree with the fact that Michelle has the kids and passes them off to the older girls to raise. And yes i said it RAISE. I like the father because i see him more involved in the kids but honestly Michelle just doesn’t seem to do much but have children. I like the values and lessons they teach their children but i feel they are turning into more of a cult trying to convince their children and others to follow in their footsteps or like this article proves, they will be disowned from the family. Its just sad that they are so judgmental. Its wrong. God teaches us to love EVERYONE. Why are they so judgmental and acting like they are better than everyone? its just very very sad.

    • it’s funny how you accuse them of being judgmental but you are doing the same thing

  • Jennifer Rowell

    If she is already learning the sex of the baby doesn’t that mean she is close to 5 months? They got married 5 months ago…wedding baby…or before wedding baby!! OH NO!

  • Just me


  • Faith

    Wow he sounds gay.

    • M.E.

      He sure does….more than a bit swishy, and when he kisses his wife it looks like he’s trying not to throw up in his own a little bit.

  • KayDee

    Wow, that couldn’t have sound more fake. Creep.

  • AlbertaRose94

    If birthing stools still existed, women could use those instead of sitting on the toilet. And Josh was awake when his second child was born.

    • SisiL

      they do still exist… but they aren’t something an unlicensed midwife would have on hand.

  • mghtymffn

    they are so odd……..they probably pray before, during and after sex to have a baby.

  • ugh

    Gay. Gay. Gay. And then even more gay. Oh the gay. It oozes gay. I can’t even with all the gay. Just stop. Stop and live your gay. Gay X a gazillion.