‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star Yolanda Foster Is Selling Rosaries … and Horoscopes

This season, Yolanda Foster joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda, a former model originally from Holland, is married to musician and songwriter David Foster. She’s also apparently trying to brand herself as some kind of lifestyle expert. She owns an interior design company, and she’s now hawking 14K gold rosaries. I didn’t realize that Yolanda was religious, but at least the rosaries are really pretty. That said, there’s also a section on her site where she lists romance horoscopes every month. I feel like those two things are mutually exclusive – if you’re a devout Catholic, you’re not looking up your horoscope on the internet. (By the way, apologies for the terrible picture but it was the only one I could find of her actually wearing the rosary.)

Yolanda isn’t the only Housewife in the religious jewelry business: New York cast member Ramona Singer does a line for True Faith.

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  • victori

    Yolanda is mean and rude.

  • aleighanne

    You pray them you don’t wear them sigh.